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March 07, 2007


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Great post! As an aside, I believe finding second hand clothing is actually the greenest thing we can do. It's much better for the environment than and organic cotton clothing.


Chloe - I couldn't agree more! Look for an upcoming post about buying second hand and refashioning used clothing!


Hello there. I was thinking about how we are on this ever changing journey to clean all the chemicals out of our lives. It isn't cheap! I spend soooo much on groceries. So Much! But what are ya gonna do? you can't go back! I have been on this quest to rid my personal care regime as of now. It will take time since I do not have the $$$ to just throw it all out. I know my bedding and clothing are next, but what a daunting slow going task.
One thing I have been adamant about is my kids PJ's. No fire retardent chemicals! Bedding has to be next! It's a good thing I just picked up some work on the side....keep up the good posts!


thought of you when I saw this...


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