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January 01, 2008


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awesome!! i am right with you with all of those!! great list.

we are clearing out the garage for the second time and the closets again even though we are not consuming for year, we still have too much stuff, i am sure that there are charities that would love to have some of it.

making stuff is so fun, try making soap too and sewing is great, what a wonderful feeling at the end of each project. happiness that you cant buy.

good idea on bulk, for my flour, i bet i can get a giant bag from a local mill and the health food store sells rice, brown sugar and beans in bulk. i need to do that!

we eat a lot less meat now, and you know what, it feels so good. today we had a pile of spinach from the garden with our own vinegar and then some stuffing made with left over bread, onions, swiss chard and stock from christmas and it was so good and we were full! no meat needed.

happy new years!!


Great blog!

If the economics don't work, recycling efforts won't either.
As our little contribution to make this economics of recycling more appealing, http://LivePaths.com blogs about people and companies that make money selling recycled or reused items, provide green services or help us reduce our dependency on non renewable resources.


being non judgemental is a hard one...thanks for your wise reminder!

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