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May 14, 2008


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Wow! What a great camera. To fight global warming, we try to be eco friendly in the home (cloth napkins, recycle, shop organic/local, compost, etc) as well as use our own (bike/walk) or public transportation. We only have 1 car, that my husband and I both share - on purpose! I love learning of new ways to be green, so I'm looking forward to reading the other comments. Thanks for a fun giveaway!


I've switched all of my bulbs to CFLs, I use reusable bags at the grocery store, I buy organic on as much as I can, I've switched to vinegar/baking soda for as much of my cleaning as possible and where that doesn't work I use organic cleaners. Cool giveaway!

Stephanie V

We are doing all we can to fight global warming. No more plastic bottles, using seventh generation biodegradable products (even the baby's diapers), non-toxic cleaners, take our own bags to stores, eat organic, use energy efficient bulbs, and teach our children how to take care of OUR earth! We need a new camera so fingers crossed!


We have just recently built a new home and had them install a geothermal heating and cooling unit instead of a traditional furnace. We had them use all CF bulbs instead of standard light bulbs. We use stainless steel water bottles, reusable shopping bags, organic foods......Most importantly teaching our kids about the Earth and its properties and how they can make better choices to conserve.


To help fight global warming we are doing many new things. First and foremost I have been educating myself in regards to going green. I follow many green blogs and have adapted many new things into our home. First, all of our animals eat organic, natural pet foods. More expensive ( a lot more gas :( ) but well worth it. I also have 3 rabbits that eat all of our scraps. then we lovingly use thier droppings to fertalize our garden. We also feed many, many birds in our yard which is pestaside free. And we plant flowers that attract honeybees. By keeping the natural wildlife healthy we are helping the ecosytem, even in just a small way. We also just replaced all of our appliances to energe efficient product. We buy only organic milk and shop at the local co op when possible. But he main thing we do, which may not seem that green to many, but we take our kids traveling to the national parks, like Glacier in montana and yellowstone. They have grown a fondness for nature by all of these things and now the planet will have 3 additional boys taking a stand for Mother Earth.


We buy local whenever possible. We cut our home energy consumption by half. We use CFLs, canvas grocery bags, non-toxic cleansers. We drive less. We buy less. But I think most importantly, we talk about the things we do and why we find it important. All the time.


Wow, what a great prize! The biggest change we have made is that my husband rides his motorcycle instead of his Chevy pick-up as much as possible and I have cut down on my driving dramatically. I run errands on the day when I already have to drive to town to take my daughter to gymnastics. Along with that, we continue to bring our own shopping bags whenever we go shopping and use cloth diapers, napkins and rags instead of paper/plastic products.


With 6 kids, it's hard not to think about our take on the environment. We have made Earth day a celebration with their friends at school. Teaching them the results of wasted is so important. Every little bit helps


We moved to a house with no A/C, no dishwasher and no dryer...so we line dry our clothes, hand wash our dishes and sweat in the summer.
Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com


We have just one car for my husband and I, and I work from home. My husband is looking for a new job, and one goal is to have a short commute, even if we have to move to make it short.

We also garden and compost. Keeps fresh food waste out of the landfills and provides us with wonderful organic produce.

Mama Zen

Awesome! I'm driving less and growing my own vegetables!

Terri Fisher

Great giveaway! I am using reusable grocery bags, and will be growing my own veggies this summer!


such a great giveaway! even if i don't win the camera, it sure is worth looking into!

i have stopped buying bottled water since the new year and am using reusable grocery bags. feels great to contribute to help the earth, even if it is in small ways. every little bit counts, right? :)


We have started unplugging tvs, computers cell phone chargers etc when we are not using them, I never realized how much energy they pulled when not in use!


We use reusable bags at the store, have CFL lightbulbs and try to buy local. Plus using reusbale water bottles and coffee cups.


Oh what a beautiful camera and how wonderful it is that we are all turning a deeper shade of green!
We just recently moved into a new home and needed new flooring; we chose not hardwood but recycled and it looks great! Our paint that we chose is eco-friendly and a beautiful muted shade I might add!
In my garden, I have been extremely interested and concerned for the honeybees this year and so planted sunflowers and joined the great sunflower project online. Oh, I can go ona dn on about honeybees...
One of the coolest things is raising a child this way, this is how he grows up, so this is the basis for the way he will live his life. I feel responsible not only for him, but for his generation. I want him to know wildlife, I want him to know polar bears.
Okay, I'll stop...
lovely camera. would love to win!


Love this cool camera! Learning more is one thing I am doing.



Hi, Nikon makes wonderful products. This digital camera would be so much fun to win! I made a pledge earlier in the year that our family would become more eco-conscious! We have begun by turning the hot water heater temperature down. Each of us takes shorter and fewer showers. Also, the thermostat in our house goes up
in th summer and down in the winter. Then, we dress appropriately! For quick trips, we ride our bikes and have reusable water bottles.! Please enter me in your fantastic camera drawing. Many thanks,Cindi


Our family is using the eco-friendly grocery bags, and are also switching to using a reuseable water container instead of buying bottled water. It is a great time to teach our kids about being friendly to our earth...it's the only one we've got!


great giveaway!

we use cloth rather than disposible: cloth diapers, cloth sanitary pads, cloth napkins, rags, bags, etc.


Hi! Great prize!

We are a 1 car family: I walk/bus to work. I enjoy the time to myself to drink my coffee and listen to NPR. It is my time to exercise and we don't have to pay for gas, parking, or insurance!





We definitely recycle and try to purchase green products whenever we can. We also teach our children about saving the planet for when they get older. Mahalo!


I'm hanging my clothes out to dry. Instead of pouring water out of cups down the drain, I water my plants with them. I recycle every piece of paper I come across in my home, including junk mail. I turn off the water in my shower while soaping up--painful but true.


Wow, awesome giveaway! We're running things less to use less electricity, eating more local and home grown foods, driving less, recycle what we can, and use cloth diapers. It isn't much, but every bit helps. :)

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