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December 22, 2008


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Due to a number of reasons, we have spent the majority of our holiday dollars at mall stores. One gift for my oldest child is locally-minded with an art class with a local artist. She loves to draw and few others came from a local shop going out of business. You're not the only one. :)


We spent about half at big box stores and half at small independent eco friendly stores. I tried to find the stuff on Craigslist or used but wasn't successful so I ended up at Kohls...


Yep, I totally get it! I made wonderful sweet things for my daughters, but struggled doing the same for my son. He ended up with some plastic items I would have preferred not to buy. We have pushed the handmade Christmas idea very strongly with our kids this year and they have made gifts for each other, etc. However, he went so far as to tell me that he hoped he didn't get handmade stuff from the girls as he hates handmade stuff- all he wanted was plastic and he knew he wasn't going to get any. Hopefully in time, as he is only 8, he will better understands our thoughts on this subject. He did make some darling little stuffed animals for his sisters that I know they will love. I am sure that will make a strong impression that handmade is great!


I tried to spend locally, and I did plenty of homemade, but you are right, with the older kids, it is a little hard. What I didn't get locally, I got at Target. Which is the psp & leapster games. :(

Kathleen McDade

I ended up at Big Lots, basically for financial reasons. Sigh. But I still tried to be mindful, even there.

marguerite manteau-rao

Yes, I am with you. I, too ended up shopping with my daughter at the mall . . . I have written before about this. Green parenting is not that simple. Rather it is a tradeoff between lofty green goals and the emotional reality of mothering, and nurturing in a consumerist culture.

Have a very joyful Christmas! and thanks for cheering me on:


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