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June 15, 2009


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daisy janie

Thank you for the mention about my fabrics!! I really appreciate your kind words - about Scoutie Girl, too!

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

These fabrics are beautiful!!


Great-> Organic Fabric Finds
What beautiful Fabrics!



Thanks for the information. I make soft handmade baby balls and am looking for cotton organic fabrics in fun/bright prints but have found very little - though there are lots of beautiful choices for other projects.


Ooooh, I love the mordern print on these fabrics! Now if only I could sew...

First Mate Kate

I love your site and am thrilled that there is such a great selection -- the prints are fantastic. I am looking for something verrrry organic, with many irregularities - a truly "nubby" surface. (We are trying for a look similar to tha of the 1950's - 60"s Knoll fabrics). Do you have any idea where I can find them? Thanks


Kate - I know what you mean and I love that nubby textured fabric too.  I haven't seen an organic version of it though.  I'll let you know if I come across something.



Ok... it took me awhile to find this post... THANK YOU for the mention! :) Another site for home dec organic fabrics is Oliveiratextiles.com and for the latest in organic quilting/craft fabrics check out cloud9fabrics.com and birchfabrics.com We may still be small but our numbers are growing! Thanks for your commitment to Mindful living!


I just had a thought of where you might be able to find the.... with many irregularities - a truly "nubby" surface... I would suggest trying http://www.oecotextiles.com/collection/hardyhemp.php

Good luck! :)


You need to see Atlantis fabrics (store.fabrics-textiles.com)--they have printed organic cotton fabrics,plaids and stripes.


Thank you for sharing. Great blog!


Another website you can try is www.Edenfabrics.com. It's a great place as well as decent prices! I love the hemps and cottons!


I love all these beautiful fabrics by independent fabric designers in organic cotton. However the price is really steep and even more expensive than brandname fabrics in some cases. Until the fabric prices can be brought down to earth, it is going to be out of reach for the average person.


What about the printed organic cottons at Atlantis Fabrics.I think its the widest collection of organic cotton:


WOw. Thanks for sharing this. I bought a baby wrap made of organic bamboo fabric by loveyduds. I now want to make a blanket out the this jersey fabric they use but I can't find them anywhere. Anyone have an idea?


Check out www.simplififabric.etsy.con tons of organic textiles great prices and they ship from Canada and USA!



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