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February 11, 2010


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These are some good tips. I always feel guilty about take out containers!

I also get frustrated by just how much stuff restaurants and take out places give you with your order. Way too many napkins, tons of packages of ketchup or soy sauce and those throw-away chopsticks! This is especially ridiculous when I am taking something home- I have condiments, napkins and utensils. Wouldn't it save them money to take the 30 seconds to ask if I need those things in my order?

But I need to take the lead and just bring my own containers, or at the very least ask them to not put the extras in!!


I have to admit that we don't do so well in the takeout department. Sure, we've drastically reduced our trips through the drive through (from twice a day, every day, now down to once every 2-3 days).

I would do much better if I just avoided fast food altogether as it does a number on my digestive system, and I could avoid the whole styrofoam box thing if I just split a meal with my grandma (she only eats half and I eat her leftover half when I get home anyway).

I started saving the plastics we had and was shocked that dispite having 6 containers for plastics (one small garbage can sized container for each plastic 106 that the local center takes in)... well, half the containers are full and the other half are half-filled. Most of it was from to-go cups or plastic crud we normally save leftovers in.


Ashley - good job cutting back your trips to the drive-thru. I know those habits can be hard to break.

Kathleen - maybe what we should do is mention ahead of time that we don't need the chopsticks or utensils. It's just a matter of getting in the habit!

Linda Anderson

I felt like you did - I did not want to make a big deal about leftovers. And I have not organized, as you did, to be prepared. It's time to get ready. I usually have a big mouth and don't mind speaking my mind - so why now? Thanks for the ideas.


The idea of taking your own utensils and dish to a carry out restaurant or any place is fantastic . Your worried about how you look doing it I am worried that I have never heard the idea before . The idea is remarkable and trend setting , restaurants pay big money for containers they pay big money for cleaning agents and people to wash dishes . You have hit on something that the snowball effect is enormous if ever adapted abroad. That just goes to show that letting societies perceptions of our actions take second place to what we do leads to great things . {I am humbled}


My husband and I are great in some areas. We keep our cloth bags and reusable containers in the car...ready to go at a moment's notice. We've found most stores and restaurants happy to use our packaging instead of theirs. We each carry non-disposable chopsticks in our respective packs and are rarely seen without our stainless steel travel mugs. Where we absolutely falter is the 'To-Go' order. It's easy enough to say, "...and please no napkins, utensils, chopsticks, or sauces," (we've had some confusion but never anything negative), but the food still comes in disposable containers. With our lives, cooking at home is not always a fantastic option...neither is a spontaneous trip out. I'd love to find a place that let me make a deposit on metal or glass containers that could be returned. A girl can dream, right?

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