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August 23, 2010


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I love Stewart + Brown, but am also put off by the price. I spend more on my kids' clothing, so I can buy the good brands, organic when possible, and even used. I am just not at a place where I can afford a wardrobe of organic for myself yet... sigh.

Lori Alper

Looks very comfy and you are all stylin'!

I am all in favor of promoting clothing that is ethical and sustainable-thankfully I am seeing more and more of it at big box stores. If we all continue to purchase eco-friendly clothing then the demand will be there and the supply will be necessary. The colors are my style....i will check out their fall line

Condo Blues

Brenna - Stewart + Brown's sale prices are good. I usually green my clothes by shopping consignment and some thrift store items. What I save there, I can put towards Stewart + Brown items when they have a sale.


Hey Guys!

You are definitely right to say that Stewart and Brown make not only eco-friendly but really comfortable and fashionable clothing! Let's honor their devotion to the environment by purchasing something from their Fall 2010 collection! And we just can't wait to see what will be in their Spring 2011 collection! More excitement will ensue:) Please look into the Fall 2010 collection at www.juteandjackfruit.com, our Eco-Friendly Fair Trade online boutique based in the Boston area!

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