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September 21, 2010


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My husband has a few tech shirts he got in 10K race packs that are supposed to wick sweat away from your body as you run but I just look at them and think ew polyester!

Diane MacEachern

"Smart" clothes are so insidious, aren't they? For parents, they seem fantastic - who wouldn't want stain-proof or stain-resistant pants for a kid who constantly spills stuff? We need sustainability standards that look at the entire life cycle of products like these so we can weigh the trade-offs and make more informed choices about the fabrics we're putting on our bodies. Thanks for a great overview of the issues we need to consider if WE want to be smart.


I want my clothes to be simple and made from natural fibers. Guess I'm old fashion haha.


I agree that products like this need a lot more testing and more thought about the downstream effects before they are put on the market.

Also, I think that much of the "need" for these products could be eliminated by healthier lifestyles. As my partner and I and some of our friends and relatives have changed our diets and reduced our use of chemicals (for hygiene, laundry, etc.) over the past decade or so, I've noticed that we tend to smell better and are less prone to sunburn. We don't need antibacterial shoes because our foot sweat doesn't smell like it used to! It's pretty amazing.

The "need" to power one's personal electronics could be eliminated by just not having the electronics. Instead of thinking about how to power them without coal-burning power plants, just don't make the things (out of rare metals and petroleum) in the first place! I don't have a cell phone or iPod, and I get by just fine.


Becca - interesting point you make about how changing your diet decreased your need for antibacterial products. I've never heard that before but it makes sense!

wholesale avirex

Here in our country, our clothings are made of high quality fiber and some of it has an anti bacterial and sweat free.


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