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October 12, 2010


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Sheree Cade

Shaklee's Basic H2 makes several hundred bottles of all purpose cleaner thereby saving tons of plastic spray bottles from going into the landfills.
Learn more at www.greensheree.myshaklee.com.


These are great tips! We do some of this. We live in an apartment that doesn't have recycling pickup. Still I take it over to the center every other week. We also have a worm bin for compost and we get some of our food from the bulk bins and farmers market. We also don't use disposable anything. Our weekly garbage that goes out to the curb is usually a small 3 pound bio-bag. This amazes me and yet I know we could still be making smarter purchases. It's always a little troubling to see so many packaged foods go into my reusable grocery bag. I even have a little song I sing "I brought my own bag so you could put a bag in it..." Like everything, it is still a work in progress.


Those are really great ideas - thanks for sharing! I've been happy with my own recent refill idea at home. I buy a big bottle of liquid castile soap and use that to refill my self-foaming hand soap dispenser. I only need to fill it 1/4 or less with soap and the rest with water. Cheap and simple!


Love your foaming soap idea MamaWendy!


Very impressive. This post is interesting and useful indeed. I learned so many things from this that's why I wanna thank the admin. I will book mark it for further info and research.

 cash loans

I buy some items in bulk as long as it is a really great deal and I can store till used without spoiling. I have also noticed at Sams that some items/brands are not cheaper in bulk, sometimes the identical brand in smaller quantities was cheaper per unit at the Wal-Mart next door to Sams.

I think they’re banking on what I call “The Auction Mentality” where the consumer believes that just because its in a warehouse club or listed in a auction it has to be cheaper.

Jeleryl Comisky

Recycling is very helpful. Those plastic bags we take home are usually good for something else. These tips can serve as initial guides for people who are just getting into recycling. It's time to save Mother Earth.


Great article - I've just started recycling etc they say we are never too old so here goes - you've enlightened me. Thanks

Kristina (The Greening of Westford)

Composting, by far, made the biggest dent in my trash! I couldn't believe it! We are a family of five and have one bag of trash per week - at most. Of course we were recycling everything we could before that.
The other tip I have is to reduce your junk mail. It not only saves paper, but saves your time and sanity!

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