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November 29, 2010


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Our kids help with the family garden, preserving our harvest and share in meal preparation. As a result they love to eat the fruits & veggies we grow and they've learned to appreciate what it takes to get food to the table.


Like Sue said, few kids have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Sure, there is the produce section at the supermarket... but we all know the taste difference between a tomato picked off the vine versus a store bought tomato.

Part of the problem is simply QUALITY. Instead of hiding vegetables in our kids food, perhaps granting them access to and inviting them to learn about and become involved in the production of produce will facilitate a healthier diet.


The local school in our urban neighborhood in Chicago has a greenhouse on the third floor! I help organize volunteers to water and plant, and after-school programs started including it in their curriculum after a study last year showed that students were eating, on average, 3/4 of a serving of fruit *per month* at school.

We sell flowers and ornamental plants so the greenhouse is self-funding. I was just there this morning and the paperwhite bulbs look great! I would highly recommend school gardens. They also help use the gifts of parents and others in the community, who maybe don't have the time or skills to volunteer in the classroom, etc. but can water or weed early in the morning or after work.

Sofia's Ideas

Excellent find! what a great tool - I just tweeted this post! :)


Wow - I'm so jealous of your school greenhouse Rita! And the fact that you sell what you grow to fund the project is even better. Keep up the good work!


Jodi - I agree - getting kids to have a hand in growing their own food is really key to healthy eating.

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