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July 28, 2011


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Sarah Milcetic

Hmm... I think my comment disappeared after I signed in. Hopefully this isn't a duplicate. The last time I stayed at a hotel with breakfast that had disposable plates and utensils, I asked very nicely if I could have a real plate. The hotel worker was very nice and showed me where all the real stuff was hiding in the cabinet under the disposables!

Ruth Pfeiffer

We all use to many disposables these days. Our life styles are in such a hurry that we don't take the time to "smell the roses". We want convenience which means quick and disposable. Disposable means bigger land fills and more toxicants. We need to slow down and take the time to wash our own clothes, baby diapers, dishes, etc. and not buy something new every week and then throw it away. Reuseing will also save you money. If you add up all the money you spend on disposables it would shock you. Keep that in mind when you go to the store.


I agree Ruth - I try hard to buy reusable instead of disposable. Of course, it isn't always possible but if you do it as often as you can, you'll make a big difference in the long run!
Thanks for your comment!


I really like the All Terrain Kidsport Spray sunscreen. I can't stand smearing gooey natural sunscreen on squirmy kids. We recently got back from Jackson Hole, WY where we hiked around water a lot and the mosquitos were BRUTAL. I brought along Bite Blocker Xtreme-worked like a charm and I even converted some DEET devotees.


i really appreciate your posts on what you do try to live as green as possible when you're on vacation. i find the posts very helpful! :) re: sunscreen. we've kinda just stuck to the "expensive" "safer" sunscreens. my kids learned a good lesson this summer when they were with relatives all day at the beach (my husband and i weren't there), and their auntie used that "spray" sunscreen on them. according to relatives, they kept reapplying sunscreen on the kids all day. but, i was horrified in the evening when we saw our kids and they were VERY sunburned! the worst i have seen on them. kids were in pain for a couple days, they peeled, etc. now when i tell them to get the badger sunscreen (which has worked very well for us--all day at the beach in water), they just get it, don't complain, put it on, and reapply when necessary.

re: bugs. once in a while i sign my children up for a "nature" program during intersession sessions from school. there are mosquitos and children are told to bring some sort of protection from the mosquitos. i was looking for a natural bug spray at a health food store a few years back and the person working there told me to use lavender oil. she said she used it deep in the mountains where there were a lot of mosquitos and she didn't get any bites. so, i tried it on my kids (tested it on myself as well), and it worked! just rub a few drops of the oil over the body and done. not sure how it would work for other bugs, but it worked for the mosquitos. :)


oh...re: the sunscreen...i don't mean anyone should have their kids get burned to learn a lesson on using sunscreen! yikes! i was just sharing my experience of how my kids have stopped complaining about the sunscreen. :D


Haley - thanks so much for your suggestions on the sunscreen and bug spray. I've got them on my shopping list!


Shannon - sorry to hear about your kids sunburn experience - that's no fun at all. I'm glad to hear that lavender oil worked as a bug repellent for you. I'll give it a go again....


I just found this blog. For bugs, I use Repel by Canyon Creek Soap Company. (I think it is Canyoncreeksoapcompany.com, but you can google the name.)


Hi Fran - Thanks for tip about the Canyon Creek Soap Co. product - I'll keep my eye out for it! :)

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