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November 03, 2011


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Green Bean

Just in time. We're remodeling a bathroom and are trying to do it as green as possible.

Veri Kurtarma

Thanks for sharing!


Have fun redoing your bathroom Michelle (Green Bean)!! Let me know if you find some super cool, eco-friendly materials!



Your house looks amazing. Love the recycled glass.


Hi Betsy (Eco Novice) - thanks so much! I've been having fun working with the owner of the recycled glass tile company - love supporting small, creative businesses!


Green Bean

Is Travertine considered eco-friendly? I'm just wondering because we are considering out options. I can't wait to hear about the Paperstone countertop.

For the vanity, I'm looking at some made from reclaimed wood but I'll have to get the hubby's approval. We might end up going your way with FSC wood.

Love the recycled tiles!


Good question Michelle (Green Bean) - I'm not sure if Travertine is necessarily considered eco-friendly but it is natural stone. I have found that many building materials have both eco advantages and disadvantages and you just need to find the balance that works for you. :)


Lori Popkewitz Alper

Your house looks beautiful. It's so nice that you have a local green building supply store-it makes such a difference to be able to touch and feel the products. I want to gradually switch over to dual flush toilets. What a great invention! You are almost there....and it looks amazing.


I love the green glass tile! I woke up shivering this morning and as the weather turns colder I start to think about my own plans for my home. That radiant in floor heating sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm going to have to look into it.


Hi Maryssa - glad you like the recycled glass tile! I'm really looking forward to the radiant floor heating - I've heard it is fantastic in the winter!


Your house is so beautiful! I have fantasies of redoing one of our bathrooms and I find myself always looking at tile, cabinets, and sinks when I should be doing more important things, so I love reading about what you're doing. The recycled glass backsplash is just gorgeous!


Thanks Kiersten! Right now I'm thinking that dreaming of remodeling is a lot more fun than actually doing it - but that's just because we've been in the middle of this project for a LONG time now! I'll post photos when the bathroom is finally finished!

Tacoma Plumber

You just need a good contractor if it's taking too long... Of course, they're hard to find. LOL

I just did an older home with 5 new dual flush toilets. Can you all repeat... "100,000+" gallons per year not going "down the toilet"? Of course, with 7 kids, the showerhead restictors are going to save them enough money to send 2 of the kids to college.

Good Job on the water conservation.


Sally Johnson

Nice pictures. Hope everything went smoothly with the remodel. I wonder if you could find those types of building supplies in toronto?...

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