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February 08, 2012


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Green Bean

Love the recycled tile. We're in the midst of a bathroom remodel as well - but no where near as far along as you. Maybe 50% finished . . . the tile goes up supposedly at the end of the week or early next. I found it surprisingly easy to find materials made of recycled content.

Natural Built Home

Hi Micaela, The bathroom looks great! I am glad that we could help you with it.


Cool Michelle (Green Bean)!! Will you post photos when your bathroom is finished?


Thanks for all your help Natural Built Home - it was great to work with you!


Wow, that looks great. Thinking of making a few home improvements myself, very inspiring...

ohkeeka [The Type A Housewife]

It looks wonderful! And in Minnesota, I think you can justify the heated floor. :)


Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful.


Thanks Green Steve! Good luck with your home improvements!


Type A Housewife Kiersten - yes, I think heated floors should be a requirement in Minnesota!


Thank you so much Elaine!

Michelle @Special Mom Space

This is so serene. I tend to gravitate toward earth tones and neutrals so I'd love to do this if I owned my own home :-( I live in an apartment and I can't wait to own my own home so I can take my time with it.


Thanks Michelle! I recommend keeping a folder of design ideas that you like so that you will be prepared when you do finally have the chance to remodel!

Lori Popkewitz Alper

Your bathroom looks gorgeous! You did such a nice job. I'm sure it was worth the wait. It looks like the vanity has 3 windows above it? So nice to be able to look outside when you're brushing your teeth. I love the Toto duel flush toilet. Enjoy!


Thank you Lori! We LOVE the 3 windows looking out over the neighborhood. Feels like we are up in a tree house!

Kathy Carbone

That's fantastic! You've made a good use of all the recyclable materials, from the glass tiles to the paper stone. And your bathroom counter top benefited from that big time. The black colored top gives your bathroom a striking, dazzling ambiance.

Max Boughner

Ahh.. Travertine stone, it makes you feel peaceful and tranquil. It's a nice element in unwinding if you choose not to go out. On the other hand, energy efficient windows that have higher R value upon their glasses make them better insulators, preventing the heat or cold to escape. And, I agree 'Kathy Carbone'; black creates that effect of elegance and resolute look.

Darryl Iorio

Wow! First of all congratulations to your new bathroom! It really pays off to see such a beautiful masterpiece after such hard work. You definitely took on the “green” theme aesthetic to heart: From travertine stone to recycled glass, energy efficient windows to your Paperstone countertop. Cheers for this really beautiful bathroom!

bathroom lighting options

I love the simpleness of the whole design, nothing too fancy but everything is still stylish and looking good. Real lovely work on your bathroom, you have to give us the name of the contractor! :)

Molly Stevens

I just moved into my first home and have been busy remodeling and trying to get everything up to green standards. I really love what you did with your bathroom. All of the bathroom accessories fit perfectly and I really love your shower. I always find the oddly-shaped showers so interesting. Great job, hopefully mine comes out just as great!

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