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August 24, 2006


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I love all of the brands that Micaela mentioned especially ZIA, they have a great sunscreen just for the face that I wear everyday. I also officially hate all of these brands with the exception of Burt's Bees because of their packaging! It's all plastic and very little of it is recyclable or made from post consumer recycled content. Burt's Bees uses lots of glass and aluminum packaging and when they do use plastic, it is recycled plastic with a minimum of at least 30% post consumer recycled plastic. I think how products are packaged are at least as important as what's in them. I encourage everyone when reading labels to also look for info. about the packaging. Choose products that are minimally packaged and are easily recycled (glass is the easiest) or use recycled post consumer plastic, cardboard or glass etc. I use mostly Burt's Bees products or other products that come in glass containers with the exception of my much loved ZIA sunscreen. I also look for body products and face products that come in larger re-fill containers (like my Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash) or can be purchased in bulk with a reused container (like my Nature's Gate Herbal Original Moisturizing Lotion). I think if we as consumers vote with our dollars for better packaging, we will get better packaging and we can reduce what goes into the waste stream to the landfill.


Great comment Suzanne. I too am bummed about the packaging issue. When I first started using Alba Botanica face lotion, years and years ago, it was sold in a plain plastic bottle (not sure about recycled content), with no other packaging. Then they got all fancy and added a cardboard box. They also went for a smaller bottle and of course, the price per ounce went up! I was working in the body care industry at the time and it was clear that they wanted to compete with the upscale look of all the other brands that were jumping on the 'natural' bandwagon. I complained, but without luck. Oh well! Good point about voting with your dollar though - I need to be better about finding products that I can refill at the coop.

Katie Hallison

Women often use natural treatments! They just love the effect of such products on their skin. However, there are others who prefer to undergo unnatural procedures like skin rejuvenation and botox. Those are probably the fastest ways to achieve younger looking skin. Science deals with nature too, but everything just keeps on getting better and better!

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