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September 15, 2006


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Julie S.

I agree-I think junk is junk. THe "organic" companies need to think more responsibly and just not produce that stuff. THey are not encouraging people to eat healthier, but they are trying to jump on the organic bandwagon and get people to buy their products. We should boycott junk food of all kinds so that companies wont find a market for it-or at least the market will be slimmer. And our kids will be healthier, and possibly slimmer, or at least not full of sugary crap-food. Ha!


Actually, I'm so glad to find this product. I'm the mom of a preschooler who is allergic to food coloring, and his class is constantly served fruit loops as a snack. I can either insist that he eat something else and deal with the tears and hurt feelings when I pick him up, or I can simply supply a box of these to the class. I don't care about a little sugar here and there, but I do care about letting my son know there's nothing wrong with him and there are alternatives to color packed snacks.

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