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May 01, 2007


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My son is 3 1/2 and he doesn't even know what white bread is...yet! Wheat pasta, wheat bread...I put ground flax seeds, wheat germ, etc in practically everything he eats. I just hope my influence is strong enough to counteract the influence of his peers when he's older. I picture it like a comic strip..."C'mon Jacob, just try it, a little white bread won't hurt, your mom will never know.." And then one day when I'm putting away the laundry I'll find simple simple sugars and empty calories of every kind stashed in the back of his dresser and under his bed!

When I'm making something with tofu (or any of those other 'gross' health foods) I always tell him what it is instead of trying to convince him it's something else...he's still young enough where he doesn't know it's supposed to be gross, so I always just try to say it in an exciting way. "Yum, tofu! You're so lucky you get to have tofu!" hehe


I'm a whole wheat freak too! Cute blog. I like the title of it.

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