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June 21, 2007


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Cara Fletcher

Those body care products sound very interesting.I've never used them but I am up to trying them because they seem helpful and reliable.

Stacey Griffith

I don't think we can say that any product out there be it skin care to diet pills are magical. There are great products though that really do work and aren't a rip off. I enjoyed what you had to say in the article. I think with a good product,exercise,diet,sleep and drinking a lot of water can help with anti-aging. I use hydropeptide face cream by azure cosmeceuticals. It's a really good line. I did research before using their products and have been very happy with the results. This product contains 11 antioxidants and 3 peptides all in one. It goes on smooth, just a small amount. It hydrates and refreshes. I love it.

Dana all about Skin Care Drewer

Knowing what skin care products are out there is one thing, but you also need to know how to apply them and use them safely without harming your skin or causing more damage to your face...


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