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June 06, 2007


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Thanks for the information. They have a wealth of information for moms like me who are trying to raise our children and families naturally and organically. I have even started an online boutique that features organic products for babies and children. If you are like me and want to "go green" check it out.


I'm trying to switch from cows milk to an alternative milk for me and my 3 year old son. What is the best milk especially for him, and if there are any nutrients missing from a replacement milk what do I add to his diet?


Almond Milk! I've never been a fan of cow's milk anyhow, and then when my two boys started having digestion problems I went on a mission. Tried soy, but then starting reading about potential health problems there. Brought home Almond milk one day and my husband who often just smiles and nods (and sometimes rolls his eyes) at my more "crunchy" ways couldn't believe how delicious it is. It's super creamy, has all the nutrients (and more!!) in cows milk but it's lower fat and calorie. The only place where it doesn't exceed milk nutritionally is that it has less protein, but we get plenty of protein in other sources.
P.S. When buying Silk or Blue Diamond almond milk at Krogers or Randalls stores recently, the register has been printing coupons for a Free half gallon of the competing brand. And there are coupons in the newspaper for both brands quite frequently too!

Tara M.

This site has so much information! I have just started my organic journey. I have been overwhelmed with information, but this site is really organized and easy to use, Thanks so much!


Hi Tara - so glad you like my blog - please come back and visit again soon!

Arushi Joshi

Nature Certified is a labor of love, along with a lot of hard work. When my daughter was born, I didn’t have a brand of personal care products in mind, but I knew that I wanted to continue on a natural path. I have always used natural products myself, and have been creating various formulations since I was quite young. I would mix gram flour, yogurt, and turmeric, without even knowing that I was formulating something. I applied many gooey concoctions to my hair, but learned as I went along, which in turn helped me to see the benefits of what I was doing. Somewhere along the way, though, I forgot the benefits of my techniques. Maybe I just got lazy, and started buying commercial brands that were readily available. I rarely read the labels, because if it was well-promoted and smelled good, I would buy it.

Things started to change when I become pregnant. I exercised, watched what I ate, and actually cared about what I put on/in my body. I did not want any harm to come to my little one. I had a natural birth, and when I held my baby for the first time, I also had a strong desire to protect her.

I had a few personal care products on hand from my accumulation of baby shower gifts. In fact, they were the products I chose to explore further: the more I read, the more uncomfortable I became with the ingredients in them. I became obsessed with finding only natural options for my child. When my searches did not yield many results, I went back to formulating. I was thrilled to realize that I had not forgotten the ingredients I once used. My daughter really enjoyed these products, and they also worked well.

In addition, I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, and had been thinking about starting a business of my own for as long as I can remember. This was the perfect opportunity to put everything I believed in to the test. For more than a year now, I have been working with a team of experts to create the most natural products for babies and children. We created a product line from the heart, using only the best and safest ingredients available.

The journey has not been without challenges, however: I was choosing to start a business when the economy was in a recession. Natural and organic products are more expensive to make than their synthetic counterparts, and more difficult to find. Skeptics challenged us that parents would not spend in such an economy. I disagreed then, and continue to disagree now: I believe that parents may cut back on other things, but not on the safety and comfort of their children.

I also believe that we will demonstrate that the skeptics are incorrect in their assumptions, and that a small but solid company can take on the bigger companies in personal care products with the help of its customers, the ones who fundamentally care about the end results. In this vein, please help us prove that you care. Please help us show the world that one mother can follow her dreams to create something pure for her child, and for other children, without losing what she has put on the line.


I know this post is a few years old, but I was wondering if this magazine still exists? I googled and came up with nothing. If you know the new website for it I'd love to check it out (the link above did not work).

I just started reading your blog and it's great! Please keep posting :)
~danielle ~ from www.summerforkids.com ~


Hi Danielle - I'm thinking this magazine has folded. Too bad, huh?



Love your blog! Very inspiring and helpful <3



Thanks Letitia! I just checked out your blog too - looks great!


Thanks Letitia! I just checked out your blog too - looks great!

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