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September 25, 2007


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I dutifully bought a couple of CFL bulbs to try. Went to a small mom and pop shop and bought a "quality" one for $15.99, the the kind with utility rebate (as low as $2). Within 6 months, it burned out. I am just hoping that was a lemon. Anyway having experience with short-lived CFLs?

Milk is a bit of an issue for us as well. I don't like paper or plastic. But both of my toddlers drink a ton. So for the most part, I suck it up and buy the glass bottled kind. And just so happen the glass bottled milk is locally produced. And they power the farm with their cow manure. I justify paying the premium on the milk as my carbon credit purchase. My husband jokingly calls me a eco-chump, and I suppose he is right :)


Oops, I meant to say "has anyone else experienced short-lived CFLs?"

Mindful Momma

Eco-chump - I love that! Bummer about your burned out CFL's though. I have not had one burn out but did have one break once though. You have to be really careful because CFL's contain mercury - and they have to be properly recycled. I've heard that there's a lot of concern about whether or not people will really dispose of them properly when they break or burn out.


Interesting... now that you mention it, I've seen things like park benches and carpet made of recycled plastic, yet I'd read that the #1 and #2 plastics that are recyclable just about everywhere will be made into lower grade plastics that can't be recycled. I wonder if I can find out exactly what happens to the plastic recycled in my community.

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