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September 14, 2007


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Karen Ross Smith

These are great! I love bento boxes, I like the whole idea of all the little containers and whatnot. Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll be back to visit!


I have been thinking about Bento Boxes. A couple of questions: 1. Is it made from plastic? I am trying to reduce my plastic consumption; 2 Does it leak when it is turned sideways or upside down? I can't guarantee my 5-year old won't flip it sideways or upside down. Usually I pack fresh fruit for her.


Yay!!! Indeed- I have joined the revolution. With three kids I figure I will make a dent in the lunchtime waste by making these changes. It is fun for me and for them. So far I have kept it up this school year. I read the Vegan Lunchbox forever before getting brave enough to try my own. I highly recommend Jennifer's cookbook. Also check out Lunchinabox.net and all of the Flickr groups linked there. LOTS of practical info and inspiration to be had! I am hoping to get enough energy to mount a fundraiser selling the laptop lunch system at school- but got to get the year going first!


They look great...but I don't like that they are plastic and I do worry about foods leaking when turned sideways...any thoughts on these things?

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