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October 11, 2007


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izzy's mama

What a wonderful idea..Izzy surely would love it but I will start to question my sanity if I go from homemade yogurt to homemade cleaning products. I guess worse things could happen. Can't wait to hear what else you concoct.

Mindful Momma

Well, I'm ready to start making homemade yogurt after reading your post about it on Izzy Eats! My Mom used to make homemade yogurt when we were kids but I have never tried making it myself. I'm always up for trying something new - if only I had more time in the day....

Gift of Green

This is definitely on my to-do list. I'm starting to phase out the chemicals in favor of the store bought naturals, but I have yet to make my own.


Thanks so much for this 'recipe,' I've also been taking the plunge and starting to make my own cleaning products! I bought the book 'Clean Home Clean Planet' by Karen Logan years ago and am finally putting it to good use!


We have been using homemade stuffs for quiet sometime now and i find it more usefull thant buying them from stores


Thanks for this information. We have started using essential oils in our home and now have another great use for them.

George Kakaris

Hey you are right that home made products are good and the recipe is also good but all th essential oils are not like this also some are good. For more info visit at http://www.aromatherapypoint.com/

Green Cleaners

I've been using vinegar and baking soda but didn't think of adding essential oils. Thanks for the great tip!

cleaning blog

I agree with Stefani! I also bought this book!
Thanks for this article. Very interesting read them

carpet cleaning dublin oh

This is perfect for me, since I have my babies and my puppies playing together in our carpet all day and I can't risk either of them getting poisoned by some chemical that comes from chemical-based cleaners.

-Max Clarison

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