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December 12, 2007


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lol. Thanks for a little humor. :)


I agree!

I think in this situation it really is the thought that counts (and pays off). This year we really emphasized to the relatives that we didn't want a bunch of plastic made in china and just random gifts for our 5 month old son. We just had an early Christmas with our out of town relatives and it was wonderful. His aunt got crafty and made him a felt frog in the spirit of the ugly dolls. Then she made him a jester hat and his dad and I coordinating hats. Grandma & grandpa bought him some wooden toys and organic gifts from Tree City Diapers (they also have an online store). The gifts this year really showed that family cared and weren't just buying random stuff because it was expected! And, for the first time in forever, I don't have a stack of stuff to "exchange."

Gift of Green

Ditto on that. While I did dabble in some more eco-friendly gifts this year, I'm sorry...my kids like Spiderman and Dora and so they're getting some plastic from China as well. Did the Shutterfly too, not to mention I'm using my old tree bulbs (but I guess reusing them from last year counts for something?).

Susan Suarez

It's crazy how much you realize things are going to waste once you actively think about everything involved (lights, wrapping paper...etc.) Great post!

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

I have not been over to see you in so long and look at all the good things I missed!(excuses,excuses) I love this list! It really hits the right note with most of us who strive to be green...but don't always succeed!

I too have mountains of wrapping paper to use for the holidays!

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