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January 09, 2008


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I want to win because I probably couldn't afford them if not for the "free" sopportunity. Trying to be green without much money(ha!)... Monica


I would love to win one because it would be super-convenient and I'm gradually trying to go green with our household products!


I'd love to try them and compare them to my homemade "green and frugal" laundry detergent. I could go back to saving a lot of time and energy.


I usually use green products to clean aroufn the house, but never tries a green detergent. I'm very anxious to try!!!:)

Julie M

I would love to be more green and to save money at the same time!


I'm actually on my second package of Dropps and I really like them! But it would be great to get them for free, obviously...


Why do I need Dropps?

7 Children + 1 Husband + 1 farm = 5 loads of laundry a day!

Any other questions?



I would love to win so that I no longer have to try to juggle baby and the heavy detergent bottle! These would help out a lot...not to mention they are so much better for the environment...a true plus! Thanks for entering me!


We have been taking the steps to be a little more green and we haven't tried the detergents yet. Maybe this would convince me of how wonderful they are!

Cindi Hoppes

Hi, I really love to use the little packets in my dishwasher. I would like to try them in my washer! Anything that can make a chore more green for our environment is a great thing! Thanks,Cindi


Anything that reduces for the environment is on my list of goodies!

Tonya Allen

I like them because they have the hypoallergenic with no dyes that even the baby in our family can have their clothes washed in.

Linda SS

Great giveaway. Of course I want to go green, but I'd also love a clean laundry room without all the powder residue! Sounds great:)


I just started using these with my front loader and love them! A years would be a dream!

Lisa O

This sounds like a great, mess-free concept. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and fingers and lifting/maneuvering the big bottles of detergent can be a true pain! I'd love to try these.



These look great! I think I tend to over use washing detergent. I think the more soap the better clean which I actually think is probably wrong. It probably is the more soap you use the soap doesn't rinse out but for some reason I still tend to overfill the soap.

These would be perfect. No measuring!

Not to mention how much easier it would be to wash clothes with children hanging off of you.


I really want to win this because it just kills me every time I have to throw away an empty laundry soap bottle. Dropps are such a great idea!


I would like to go green and this sounds like a great way to start no mess no thought outs.


Who wants free laundry soap? Me!!!!!!!!


We are trying to be more green and this would help us out, easy and green, what could be better?!


It intrigues me that so little can do so much...I would like to prove it to myself and reduce my carbon footprint....

Erin M in MO

I would love to try Dropps for the convenience of just dropping a packet into the washer. We do a lot of laundry at my house and I'd love to make less effort for myself and for the machine! ;-)


I'd so love this because it sounds convenient and eco-friendly-- what a combo!


I would LOVE to try the Free variety because my 3 kids have mild eczema and I do tons of laundry! Less packaging and easy detergent packs are appealing.


This is SO COOL. I haven't been able to find Dropps locally yet and we do MORE than 240 loads of laundry a year. I'd love for you to make me a convert!

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