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March 12, 2008


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How cool! I wish there was something like that near here. Sounds like a great class. :)


That's so great that your son has become involved in making his own food choices. He probably loves that dessert so much because he can concoct it himself. (I want to try some Ambrosia myself. I wonder if it would make good frozen yogurt if you threw it in an ice cream maker?)

Here in Portland there are a couple schools that have the kids grow their own food in the school garden. The food is then used in the cafeteria. They've found that kids are much more willing to eat vegetables they've grown themselves. The Midwest Food Connection sounds like a great program, too.

Jessica Jones

It's great to know that more and more schools are considering the health of their children.


Sheryl Lyon

That sounds like a wonderful program! It is a shame however that more parents aren't familiar with foods that are 'close to the planet'. We cannot rely on schools to teach children these values because most schools are not so forward thinking.

eco baby blog

Awwww, that's really sweet. Sounds like such a great class! These lessons will stay with your son. I was taught many lessons about the environment when I was in elementary school - from making a compost pile to turning off the water while brushing my teeth. These are all lessons I'm now going back to as an adult as I make my way back towards an eco-friendly life.

baby carriers backpacks

there should be more schools like this one... Children grows healthier, and at the same time they learn how to be independent by growing their own crops


Loved this - am currently doing what I can to encourage healthy lunches for teens in my life, but it is hit and miss! It would have been great for them to be educated like this earlier. How great for your son (and YOU!)!

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