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March 19, 2008


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I'd say medium -- but more than pretty annoyed. I just don't want to make my own! Thanks for the helpful short list of ingredients to avoid. Some stuff (for my kids) I just go to Skin Deep and pick a product that has a super low score. My own stuff is more difficult to navigate -- I mean, I can't just pick my makeup based on the score. What if it doesn't match my face? This is helpful advice. I wish the EWG info were more accessible on the spot when trying to navigate labels. Thanks for your post. I had been wondering about this but didn't see too much coverage beyond the bare bones of the scare (and little on what to do about it).

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

Great post! The more I look into the regulation (or lack) of the word, "natural" the more skeptical I become!

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

I go to Skin Deep too! It's a great resource in an increasingly complicated world.

Amy Beaudry

I'm so glad I have this resource!!! I use Skin Deep and my local health food store and recently have become fond of the Aubrey Organics line but I would say I'm at MEDIUM on my annoyed scale for how much work needs to be done in the cosmetics industry to clean up the mess of chemicals we keep slathering on. There seems to always be a necessary evil too.. like sun screen, bug spray or for me- nail polish EEK!


I am highly annoyed by this! I am having the hardest time finding a body lotion that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and is free of parabens and all the other items you listed. It's almost impossible. I am almost to the point of making my own.

I go to Skin Depp also. I really like their site but I feel guilty choosing a product that has a rating of 5 or higher.

Any suggestions?

digital life

Skin Deep does work pretty fine on my skin,a good skin care product that works on one's skin might not work for another.

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