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June 06, 2008


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Whenever I buy curtains, or a new bedding piece, that comes in those big plastic zip bags I always save the bags. The smaller bags are perfect for holding small clothing items when I travel. I use them to hold my daughter's clothes and other small items in the suitcase and that way, if our bag is looked through, everything doesn't get tossed around. As soon as we get to our destination I take everything out of the bags though. They're also perfect for wet items. And, they great for storing toys on trips. They're also perfect for storing games and their many small pieces. I tear down the box, saving the top face of it, and tape the instructions on the back of that box piece and then throw it in with the game. It's easier to store and you don't have to worry about the box falling apart (or open) when moving it from one area to the next. And they're great for storing puzzles.

One of my favorites, the plastic tubs that baby wipes come in! I use them for everything! There's one in the trunk of the car holding little tools and a flash light. I keep them in our medicine cabinet, storing all our different medications and first aid supplies and label the front for easy identification. Crayons, stickers, small craft items are also stored in these tubs.

Finally, I recieved a pretty green vase with flowers a while back. It is short and has very thick glass and we use it as our toothbrush holder. It's nicer looking than what you get in the bath isle at stores and it reminds me of the person who sent me the beautiful flowers.

Mindful Momma

Great tips kimberly! Thanks for sharing. I save those durable zippered plastic bags too - they are handy for so many things.


I always reuse the plastic bags with zippers that sheets, curtains, shower liners, etc. come in. We recently moved and I had a ton of them from staging the old house and setting up the new house. They're great for camping supplies, bath supplies, art supplies -- basically any type of organizing because they are see-through.

Petite Planet

This is awesome! I had no idea Target was selling organic cotton sheets. I'm going to look into buying some. Thanks also for the idea to keep my eyes peeled for reusable packaging in my purchases.

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