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July 15, 2008


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There is no escaping that our health - both individually and as a society - is directly linked to the health of our environment. So at Bluehouse, we passionately believe that what surrounds your body is just as important to your well-being as what you put into it. We offer you the confidence that the things we bring into your life are good for you, good for your family, good for your home, and good for the planet.
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Janelle Sorensen

I totally miss the carefree days of poring over personal care products at the co-op without a second thought. I also have to keep in mind that even if there are a few trace nasties still lingering, generally the products are significantly safer than their coventional counterparts. For myself, I don't worry so much (I'm done having kids so don't need to concern myself with a pristine womb anymore). For my kids, I do preliminary research to find the exact products I want for them. If I can't find them easily at the store, I order them on-line.

And here's my bubble bath secret: I bought one of those bath spa jets that hangs over the edge of the tub. Now the tiniest amount of bubble bath turns into mountains of bubbles. And, many times we skip the bubbles altogether because my girls think the jet is so fun. It's all about getting creative. I'm looking forward to hearing other people's tips too!

More healthy tips at http://www.healthychild.org


I am right there with you. I've been looking for a bubble bath for my daughter and am having a hard time. It's not easy spending $12 for California Baby. And I still haven't found a sunblock I like that's rated low on Skin Deep. I try to be good about using only products with a low to moderate rating. I also found a bubble bath recipe on another blog site http://thegreenparent.blogspot.com/

Mindful Momma

Linda - thanks for the bubble bath recipe - I'm definitely going to try it!

Chris Mobray

Dear Body Care Blues,

I came across your posting while doing some research for expanding my business. I understand how difficult it can be to find quality home care products that are cost effective yet still work. In fact it has been my personal experience that they typically cost twice as much for the safer version and work half as well. I was recently introduced to a company that offers a complete line of non-toxic, and environmentally safe products for the home. They are really great! Everything from house cleaners to bath products and even cosmetics. They cost less and work better than anything I have ever used. I thought of responding to your post because they offer an excellent bubble bath product specifically for kids. If you are interested I would like the opportunity to show you the complete line of products that they offer I think they are what you are looking for. Please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

runrun ukiuki

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Hi there! I too, am concerned about the toxicity of the products available today. I'm glad more information is being made available, and I thank you for being a part of the solution =). Have you ever heard of the pioneer researcher Hulda Clarke? When analyzing the chemical content of most commercial products, she found that all kinds of solvents and industrial pollutants are lurking in the packaging of our foods and body care products, some left over from various chemical sanitizing processes, some listed as ingredients themselves. Did you know that there are regulations demanding that all body products (even natural ones) are required to have a certain percentage of antiseptics? And most companies use propyl (wood) alcohol varieties, which is one of the harmful, and very common solvents, that Hulda Clark found present in the organs tissue and white blood cell of ALL of her patients that tested positive for orthophosphotyrosine (cancer). She wrote "The Cure for all Diseases" which you can read for free online, detailing all of her experiments and even gives precise instructions for how to build your own device to test products that you use, for known solvents or pollutants. My ultimate solution- A greenhouse for every family, and larger greenhouses throughout the town, where we can grow fresh herbs year round, and fruits for natural home made body care products. If it's not edible, don't use it. One exception, Hulda says you can use Borax, the old pioneer salt cleanser to wash with- because it is supposedly solvent free. I personally don't know how environmentally friendly the sodium tetraborate industry is now a days. Yes, may everyone reach their person goals and achieve their highest hopes this year!


Hi Danielle - I've never heard of Hulda Clarke before. Thanks for the introduction - I'll look her up! Best of luck in your quest to live a cleaner, greener life!


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