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August 12, 2008


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Alana @ Gray Matters

Well said. It's very easy to get caught up with what the Jones' are doing - sounds like you've got great perspective!


I'm investigating the "staycation" for my next big vacation not just to preserve the planet but also my budget and my sanity! ;)

Mindful Momma

Alana - yes, I don't like to admit that I care about 'the jones' but sometimes jealousy just sneaks its way in.

Sara - I agree that a 'staycation' can be a good way to live sustainably - for many reasons!

Jan Steinman

In some places, "jonesing" can be a good thing.

We work hard at "keeping down with the Joneses" in our island community. We boast about how little we drive, how much food we get from our gardens, our great thrift-store or yard-sale buys, how little we leave the island. We have monthly discussion circles where we share what we've done in the past month to reduce our energy usage.

You can do this, too! First, find a few like-minded people who might be interested in regular "keeping down with the Joneses" potlucks or meetings. Then once you get established, invite others. Then call it a "movement," and get published on a blog... :-)


I really like this post. We've kind of had the same experience, living in the same house for 24 years, where we are so close to our workplaces and the bus routes, the kid's schools, etc. We don't really have to drive much, and the "Joneses" around us are such nice, easy to live with folks. I like a "medium" neighborhood, with a good racial mix, so the kids learn how to live with all kinds of people. Never wanted to move out to the vinyl villages with the little stick trees.

greeen sheeep

I agree. If you spend all your time trying to keep up with the Joneses, what are you really focusing on? What matters to the Joneses or what matters to you? Trust in your own values and ideals. Save your sanity and bank account in the process.

Green Bean

Great point! We often long to live some where else - some where with more space for trees, veggies and some chickens. We live in an urban suburb (which means it's pretty high density). As much as I'd like more space, it is very sustainable to live here. We're close to neighbors, town, transit. Here, people don't care if I rip up my front yard for veggies. If my squash sprawls into the street. There is definitely something to be said for blooming where you are planted. Thanks for the reminder.

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