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August 01, 2008


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Sounds like pretty smart kids. :) I love that they've picked up so many good habits from you. Thanks for the tips.

Residential Wind Power

Nice Post!

It is great to see that someone is teaching their children to respect the environment from a young age. Bravo to you, your children will be better people for it.

Another thing you can do to teach your children about respecting the environment is how renewable energy works. I am looking at building a wind turbine with my children to show them that the earth provides us with all that we need to survive.

Not only is building a residential wind turbine a great acheivement, but the results are compounded in energy and money savings.

Have a look at this list of the top 3 do it yourself wind turbines http://www.residential-wind-power.com/2008/06/top-5-do-it-yourself-wind-turbines/ Tim


Smart little sweeties! They would like my friend's 4 year old who says, "Those people are burning fossil fuels by driving - they should take the bus like me!"

Polka Dot Mommy

Great post... we struggle at home because my (otherwise very enviro-conscious) hubby says GW is a crock... I'm all over his case with news and facts that say GW is something to be concerned about! To me it doesn't matter if you believe that GW is an issue or not... being aware of what we put into our environment and how to keep our planet healthy is a good idea all around!

Love Love Love your sons Reverse Big Bang Theory. :)


The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

Great ideas. I think we, both parents and children have a rather fuzzy view of what exactly global warming IS. The more we talk about it with children, the more we begin to understand it ourselves!

Mother Earth

I marched to the beat of a green drum while my husband at the time scowled. I cleaned green before my time while he kept windex in the truck of his car for " his " cleaning needs, I took the kids to earth day festivals, cheered them on while they ran recycling relays while he drank beer and left the can on the grass - my kids picking up his trail - dad - your supposed to recycle these! We didn't stay married, he balks at my kids who ride bikes, clean green and turn off the lights. To each their own, eh?

Jennifer Taggart

So I asked my son, who is 5, what can we do to stop global warming. His reply? "Don't buy stuff you don't need." Hmmm. . . perhaps I actually taught him something?

Smart Mamas Do It All Naturally

Green Bean

Great thoughts. Incorporating global warming and our impact on the environment into daily living - AND practicing what we preach - seem to be the most effective and least scary way to bring this home to kids. Let's home it hangs on into the teen and adult years.

Mindful Momma

Good point about the teen years Green Bean. I have a feeling the environment won't exactly be top of mind at that stage of life. I'm just hoping that the values we instill will come back into play later on...

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