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November 09, 2008


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Green Me

I wonder if you could add some powdered citric acid or vitamin E to the beet juice, since they are supposed to be used as preservatives?

I've never tried my own body care products as it usually sounds so complicated; however, this post is so simple, maybe I'll give it a try someday!


I have a friend that makes lip balms and sells them (among other things), I'll have to ask what she used to keep them from getting moldy. I know she only used natural ingredients.

organic cosmetics

With all of the different types of make up being sold all over the world it is hard to know which one is safe enough to apply to your face. I have always used mineral make up and will continue to use them. Organic cosmetics are safe to use on any skin type as well as sensitive skin types. Do not poison your face one more time with chemicals and animal tested products.


Use only organic skin care products for your lips. http://www.myalchemilla.com/ Thanks!


Wow Shea Butter does amazing things. Love it !!

T@ aseedinspired

Okay 2 questions and maybe I missed it as I was reading fast:
where do you get the lip balm tubes?
Why does everyone use a double boiled instead of a mini crockpot?

Good Girl Gone Green

Great recipe Micaela! I so have to try this! :)


Hi T - good questions! I found my lip balm tubes at my local co-op but you can get them online: http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/supply/misc.php#cont_msc_lip
Double boiler vs. mini crockpot? - I'm sure you could use either one!



Hey GGGG - homemade lip balm makes a fun stocking stuffer!


Teri Tripp-Lanciault

When I had a soap and toiletry business (which I just might restart this year!) I used Grapefruit Seed Extract as a natural preservative. I MIGHT have kept your beetjuice-tinted lipbalm fresh longer. You might wish to try that some time. Sounds so pretty...what a shame it molded!


Hi Teri - thanks so much for the grapefruit seed extract tip. I had heard of it as a preservative but never thought to add it to my lip balm!

Allie Finch

I was searching for tips on using beet juice, because I recently made some that also started growing things. This is how I came across your blog. I just loved the balm & color, but it didn't even last a week. Maybe the heat sped up the molding process. Have you had any luck experimenting with beet juice again & using preservatives? I'd love to figure out a natural tint.


Hi Allie - So sorry to hear about your lip balm experience. I never did try the beet juice again after that one time. I have a feeling it would take chemical preservatives of some sort to keep a food product from spoiling. Too bad, huh?

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