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January 06, 2009


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I do think that this is too much of a good thing. There should have been thought that went into this to help the "little guys" the ones that mostly ARE following the rules and are making the better product in lieu of everything else going on. It's great for huge corporations like Mattel and whatnot, but really it's sad that it's putting the pressure on these people too.

I've done the e-mailing and the online petitions and postings that have been listed on these sites. I really hope that something is done to protect these people.

x-ray fluorescence

I am with you, we all need to take part in saving small toy businesses.This is an awesome cause. I would be very sad to see handmade toys fade away. We have some awesome wooden toys from Amish folk..


I think this all is nessesary but it's also a classic reactionary tactic to recent events. I expect the pendulum will swing back in a year or two. I just hope those small businesses can hold out.

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