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February 18, 2009


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I never realized there were so many harmful things in my bathroom! Thank god I got rid of my shower curtain, (now it's a glass door), but I need to change my bath rug. Is there any way to clean without using so many paper towels? I feel like the bathroom is too gross to use anything but disposable paper towels, but I always feel so wasteful.


Hi Michelle - thanks for your comment! Try keeping some old rags under your bathroom sink to use for cleaning. Just wash them in hot water when you are through and use them over and over again. If you just can't stomach cleaning the toilet with a reusable rag, look for biodegradable wipes - I know Method makes some. Best of luck with your efforts!


Vinyl shower curtains eliminate chemicals that are bad for lungs and can cause asthma. That is why I go for those made from cotton. You wash them often, but they are safe.


Aaron Walker

I never even thought about the dangers of having PVC in the bathroom. That being said I hate my PVC shower curtain - it's a fungus magnet!

Mitch (I Hate Zero Radius Sinks) Nelson

What is the difference between PVC and CPVC. Many of the water supply pipes for new homes are made with CPVC. Should we be concerned?

bathroom fixtures

Hi, I totally agree on the PVC issue. I remodeled my bathroom using only PVC free materials. I expect to reap the rewards in the coming years by NOT getting cancer...

30 Bathroom Vanity

Thanks for a great post. I have subscribed to your site's RSS feed to get up to the date information. Unfortunately I spend far too much of my valuable time on this site. Things could be worse.


Clarence Close

We got a shower curtain made of woven teflon which can leak if you let it bag outside the shower but it works great for its designed purpose. No outgassing and we used it to replace the sliding glass doors so no cleaning/scrubbing either. Just toss it into the washing machine now and again and it is good as new.

Jane @ Map Shower Curtain

I have a cloth shower curtain liner. Easy to just throw in the washer and non-toxic.

NY Bathroom Remodeling

Yes I agree shower curtains are totally gross. I switched to glass doors when I got my bathroom remodeled last month.

Bathroom Scales Suck

We have switched to a vinyl one as well, however, I really dislike using plastics and things of such a fragile nature that won't decompose easily.

Once the shower curtain has had it's day, we continue to use it as an undersheet for our picnic blanket or a tarp for coolers and things while camping. WE get as much use as we possibly can out of it.

Warm regards,

John Candalino

James Freyd (replacement windows katy)

"PVC, the "poison plastic" tends to sneak it's way into our bathrooms without our permission. To avoid subjecting your family to those nasty fumes, check the label before you buy bathroom accessories that just might be made with PVC."

Ouch, I too didn't realize that there's some health hazards with PVC shower curtains. I'll make sure to go for green materials from now on.

Joe Wilks

Bathroom remodeling is always fun. What are you going to do about your bathroom tile? Did you pick it out yet? Shop around check out Home Depot and Lowes. Also I would recommend to check out online sites like http://www.glasstilewarehouse.com Many people disregard looking at the internet, but its as safe as any other catalog, and there are lots of tips and tricks.

Judy Perth

thanks for the information! eco decorating is definitely going to gain more and more popularity as time goes on.

Lawrence Cooks

My wife usually tells me to use a different material whenever we get our kitchen and bathroom for a remodel (Minneapolis home) project, to freshen up the house. At first, everything was stripped, and replaced with something appealing to the eyes, like what's usually seen in home design magazines, with such beautiful countertops and whatnot.

To make the whole remodel Minnesota project more enjoyable, we let our kids watch the whole process, since they're also eager to see the tools being used.

Home Renovation Philadelphia

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't aware of the issues with shower curtains and i'll be sure to look into it next time I am at the store!

Chase Conely

It's great that you're advocating a PVC-free bathroom. Great points about the shower curtains. I've read in one blog that she had hemp curtains installed, instead of the usual plastic curtains. I just can't recall the blog where I had read it.


Wow I had no idea that PVC curtains could potentially be harmful like that.

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