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June 18, 2009


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I share many of your eco-confessions. In fact, we could be eco-sin sisters (see my blog post from a few months ago and you'll see what I mean... http://www.greeneyedblogster.com/2009/04/even-though-i-now-have-this-blog-i-feel.html). It's enough that we pay attention and try every day to be better, isn't it?

Jennifer Taggart, TheSmartMama

I have many sins to confess . . . . . to my eco-shame. I love long, hot showers too!

Jennifer Taggart

Condo Blues

I supose it depends upon who you ask if I'm a hard core green or a moderate. I've had different people tell me that I'm both. I strive for a balance that works for me and mine. I guess I some call me a moderate because I recognize that what works for me may not work for others, and really try not to say things like "everyone should do this!!" because it may not apply to their situation.

I hear you on the plastic produce bags. One of the stores I shop at freaks out and has weighing drama even with their plastic produce bags. I don't think they could handle a cloth one.


You know it's funny, I have to say that I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who makes mistakes and still does eco-unfriendly stuff.

I think it's so easy on the internet to imagine that everyone else is super organic all the time, when in reality that's not the case.

Diane MacEachern

I've finally weened myself of long hot showers; now, if I could just convince my kids! Thanks for sharing your "sins."

Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

Oh how I love some long hot showers. In fact, this past March I confessed about turning the water heater back up again after a year of suffering through tepid showers: http://www.fakeplasticfish.com/2009/03/do-you-have-eco-confession.html On the other hand, I don't shower every day, so that's how I justify it.

I also use a hair dryer, which you'll see when we room together at BlogHer.

None of us is perfect, and what's easy for one is hard for another. For me, giving up plastic is not that big of a deal. It's just not. But luke warm showers? No freakin' way.


Hi! We just wanted to let you know that we loved your post and decided to feature it on KiwiLog's weekly mom blog round up. Thanks, and keep doing what you're doing!


Beth -I'm the same wayabout showers - a lukewarm shower is like torture to me....but I only shower 2 or 3times a week so I just don'tfeel that bad about it.
Mindful Mommahttp://www.mindfulmomma.com

Lynn from Organicmania.com

Micaela, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes I share all your eco-confessions. Gulp. From our blogging and tweeting, I think I am leading a parallel life to yours...pausing in front of Toys R Us...wondering about toys...arggh. Now I'm wondering if you have a similar vacation confession to mine!


I'm a middle grounder all the way!! I love what you said about being mindful about your impact on the environment but not obsessed about it. You could drive yourself nuts otherwise!


You know, there is something to be said for simplicity and economy (and thrift). I just won't drive around to many different places to find all the right eco-stuff. I too economize trips, and sometimes this means not buying what we want to buy. But our carbon footprint is less then too, right?

Thanks for sharing!



The shower solution (one of them) is the same now as back in the 60s - shower with your steady... works for me :)


I never walk or bike. Our town isn't the best place for it. To get to almost anything you have to go through so not very good areas and we have very few sidewalks.

I use paper towels for making bacon which is a double sin lol.

I have lots of food in plastic. Ricotta cheese is one I really can't see ever changing lol. Oh how I love ricotta cheese.


If I reuse plastic produce bags as dog-poop bags, is it a sin? I just can't figure out anything but plastic bags (produce or newspaper) to use for dog walks, and now we have two dogs. I'm jubilant when they poop at the same time and I can use one bag for both!


Susan -MyMom and I trade bags.She needs my plastic bags for herdog walks and I need her paperbags for my recycling!! P.S. So glad to hear you have 2 dogs now!!
Mindful Mommahttp://www.mindfulmomma.com

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

i started collecting those retro glass jars with the lids and admit that it's really helped with not using the plastic containers, besides being sortof fun to shop for, some have these great patterns on them and make me smile when I see them in my fridge. you will always find one with an onion in it or some 1/2 of a pepper or something that I still need to eat

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