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July 23, 2009


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Cute, simple and practical. I love it. I also love that it's a cloth napkin (no paper napkins needed). Thanks!

Alison Wiley, Portland Oregon

Hi Micaela,

Great meeting you at BlogHer (am sitting next to you as I write). And congratulations on finishing your book! Drop by and visit Diamond-Cut Life if you like.

Alison Wiley
Portland, OR


Now that is a genius thought! All those summer BBQs where it's plastic cutlery all round and I can be smug with my reusable napkin and cutlery! When I lived in Hong Kong it was much easier 'cos we had bamboo chopsticks which were great - now I'm back in the UK with western style knives and forks in various plastic forms. Yuk! Please check out my efforts to be green, some successful, some not so successful, at www.recycledbaby.co.uk

Rhonda Olsen

What a great idea! Thanks! It's also nice for the office so that you don't have to use the not-so-clean cutlery there (that is if you you can find any). :0)

Julie Henning

Thanks, this is a great idea! I enjoyed meeting you at Blog Her (this is Julie from Maple Grove, by the way). I'll email you in a bit - I still want your book. Take care!


LOVE this, what a simple great idea, then you also have your napkin with you. and they can easily be swapped for a clean one at home.
This is green but also nicer, I hate plastic forks that break when you are trying to cut something with it.

Thanks for this tip, I will be using it very often!


I meant to add @babeigotanidea.com, you might like my current post if you are going green in lots of ways. Thanks and so good to find this blog, Beth Terry @fakeplasticfish pointed me here.


Great to have you visit Suzanne! I'll be sure to take a look at your post. Keep up the good green work!

nancy quijano

hey!! where can u find those glass straws to prevent me from using the plastic straws when I dine out?? Thanks.


Nancy - you can find glass straws at Reuseit.com. There's a link on the right hand side of my blog that will take you to their website.


This is so cute and practical! I added a link to it in my article on bringing your own dishes. I agree with Suzanne, plastic utensils just aren't as good!


This is awesome! I'm going to try to do something like this for my upcoming event.


Hi Karine - glad you like my to-go utensil idea. Thanks for stopping by!

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