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July 08, 2009


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Looks like fun! Did you know that the Yogi bear campground in Custer South Dakota has recycling bins! it's called the Fred Flinstone Campground!

Green Bean

I love camping and think it can definitely be eco-friendly. We recently went with a big group from my son's school. We all brought reusable cups/plates/utensils and generated very little waste. We went RV'ing a month ago in a rental with my sister and I have to say that, despite the gas guzzling aspect, it was a blast. While our rented motorhome did use up more gas to drive than a car would have, we were able to stay longer than I would have wanted if we were tent camping. We never drove out of the campground and practiced the same energy efficiency techniques we use at home - no a/c, close curtains where its sunny, open windows when its cooler, turn all lights off. We reused our dishes, etc., ate local food for the most part and set aside recycling which we dumped at a recycling station when we drove home. That said, I'm not saying that RV camping is necessarily eco but it can be greener if you try and it sure gave my kids the experience of a lifetime.


OK - Iprobably shouldn't be dissing the RVs so much- butthey are such an easy target! :)The lesson learned is thatthere are ways to eco your vacation no matterhow you travel - it's just about being mindful.

Mindful Momma

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Great story and an inspiration to those of us campers who often don't realize how Un-Green we can be. I will definitely keep your story in mind when preparing for my next camping trip.

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