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August 09, 2009


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Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

I am loving all these lunch ideas... not for kids, but for me! Following links starting with The Vegan Lunchbox (thanks for that, by the way!) I stumbled across this list of 101 summer salads. I think I have found a new project:


Eating healthfully with little to no plastic is a big challenge!

Green Bean

Great minds think alike!! I totally remember those lunches that my mom passed. Things I see kids eating these days bear no resemblance. Not good for the environment. Not good for our kids.

Thanks for some new ideas. I'm off to pack lunch for summer camp tomorrow and I guess I'll hold the individually wrapped bag of Cheetos. Just kidding! ;-)

Anna (Green Talk)

Great post. I struggle with my boys to eat healthy lunches. They always want the chips.

I also like your chocolate chips recipe you listed. I made one similar to it this weekend and subbed agave (2/3rd to 1) for the sugar and brown sugar. Came out pretty good. My kids said they were fine but still wanted store bought...


great idea to sub agave for the sugar...I wonder if it changes the texture? I'm going to try it.


Beth - what an excellent list of summer salads - I bookmarked that instantly!

Jennifer Taggart,

Great ideas! I've been making my own version of pre packaged lunches to satisfy my kid (and his desire to be like his friends). Dipping sauces with veggies go over pick, particularly with lots of little containers. My son also loves apple sandwiches - apple slices, peanut butter and raisins . . .


Jennifer - I love the apple/raisin/peanut butter sandwich idea. Totallytrying that...and soon!

Mindful Momma

Stephanie - Green SAHM

My daughter is much opposed to most sandwiches, with the exception of grilled cheese made with mozzarella. She rejects quesadillas too.

I make a recipe we call Sand & Shells for her a lot. It has seashell pasta mixed into cooked cracked wheat. She loves it!

Add in some veggies and whatever fruit is at a good price (she loves apples) and my daughter is quite content with what we send in her lunch bag.

And of course her drink in a small Kleen Kanteen. I let her decorate it with some paint pens I had from an old project, and added her name to it. Works great, and she gets mad when field trips come around and they say it all has to be disposable.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

For years we ate something salty/crunchy as a necessity at lunch. Last year we shifted to nuts and seeds packed in baby food jars - perfectly proportioned and if you rotate the varieties it keeps things interesting


Thanks for all the ideas! My husband takes a lunch each day so these will be helpful.


great sandwich ideas - we struggle with that. i recently found fruit leather that comes in a long roll to snip off the bit you want - still a little extra packaging but at least not individual servings

Sam from Healthy Lunch Ideas

That was definitely one of my favorite books as a child. I get giddy when I get to read it to children now adays.


Great ideas!!!
I am so using these.

Jennifer Lo Prete

Thanks for the new ideas! We recently moved to Barcelona and packing my children's lunches here has thrown me out of my lunch packing rut. Kid's school lunches are several course meals. Nothing pre-packaged except for the lucky kid with yogurt for dessert. I wrote a blog about children's school lunches in Barcelona not that long ago: http://www.orangepolkadot.com/my_weblog/2009/07/childrens-school-lunches.html.

Rachel R.

Have you found whole-grain pretzels? Regular pretzels really aren't much better than potato chips - and probably less healthy than many corn chips.


Interesting! Would like to try these ideas someday. Definitely! Well, you might like to try using the stainless steel four tier latch tiffin from Happy Tiffin. You can add any different kinds of your favorite food/snack in four separate plates. By using the stainless steel container, these healthy packed lunch ideas would be more nutritious. The latch tiffins are reusable, eco-friendly, and affordable. Its perfect for camping trips, educational trips, office lunch breaks and tours. ;-)

Sara S.

I just got linked to this via today's blog post. I have ALWAYS loved the descriptions of food in the Frances books! I would get hungry just reading them to the kids.


Yes indeed, a healthy lunch make our child being happy.


Great article & tips! Wanted to pass along a resource from the org I work for that might be useful: www.whatsonmyfood.org. It makes USDA data on pesticides in food searchable - so you can find out what chemicals are likely to be on that apple and those carrots - and what health harms they've been linked to. This can help us parents decide when it's most important to look for organic..


Thanks for this. I LOVE that Frances book, especially that passage. It's amazing to read a book to your child that you loved yourself and re-experience that childhood enjoyment of it.

I also appreciate the lunch advice, although my son is so picky that many of the suggestions won't work for him. I did need the reminder about hard-boiled eggs, which he likes. I couldn't get to the healthy choc-chip cookie recipe, for some reason. I'd love to check that out.

Thanks again, MindfulMomma! :)


So glad you like the post Aviva. I fixed the link to the cookies so you should be able to access it now!

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