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August 11, 2009


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Kathleen McDade

Favorite tip? Lots of finger foods, in reusable containers, of course!


Favorite tip? Plan a dinner that will produce leftovers suitable for a (no-reheating) lunch.

Those bags look SO COOL.


ooo...I like these a lot! I think I need to get a few for packing snacks for my kiddos!


Just noticed there was a contest, too! (I just thought they looked neat) Ummm...tip...pack fruit with peels--they come in their own biodegradable, minimal wrappers!

Rusty Keller

Favorite lunch tip: making my kids proud of how eco-friendly and wholesome their lunches are seems to encourage them to eat and not waste their lunches. They also encourage their friends to eat well and ask their parents to pack less plastic and more whole foods.


I love it! Here's my tip: I keep a cloth napkin and silverware in my desk at school (I'm a teacher) so I never have to use disposables :)


For me I keep reusable napkins in my purse and diaper bag and always use reusable containers. I've been thinking about getting a "To Go Ware" set for my husband's lunches, but right now I just use Tupperware. I have to admit an occasional ziploc use and I don't want to do that anymore.

Thanks for the giveaway!


I wrap a glass straw and utensils in a cloth napkin, and carry them into restaurants that would otherwise use disposable stuff.


Thermos brand thermos for drinks. Keeps the kid's drinks cold and no waste!


Use stainless steel bottles for water and use reusable utensils.

Kiley Smith

I use a reusable lunch bag and I also pack healthy and fresh foods from our local farmers market!


Those are great! Would love to see them in person. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

Janet F

I love tomato and lettuce on Whole Wheat bread for lunch and a banana or apple.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


For my toddler I usually do a plum or banana and cereal. For a sandwich I often do sliced banana with almond butter on whole wheat honey bread OR beget with sliced apple and bre cheese in it. If it is a strong soft cheese I opt for sliced pear instead to balance the taste. And yes my tot has developed a liking for these things. I always make two sandwiches because that is what I have time for. Plus she is more likely to eat if I eat too. Eating is very much a social event for us.

Tara M


I use reusable containers.


Those bags are so cute - thanks for the opportunity to win a set! I made a cloth lunch bag for my son and send him to preschool with sugar snap peas which he eats like candy.

Lena Pivec

I use the Laptop Lunch system and love it! It has made making lunch fun in the morning for my kiddos! I enjoy finding creative ways to fill all the little compartments. For those of you who do not know about them, check them out at: laptoplunches.com. Great company!
Thanks for the opportunity to win these super cute reusable bags!


I don't have kids but I have a public school teaching husband that takes a lunch everyday. This year I finally got smart and made up a few weeks worth of peanut butter sandwiches at once and froze them. So now I just put one out the night before stick it in a wrap-n-mat or stainless steel container in the frig and it's ready in the morning when he leaves.


Easy to make and easy to eat foods - PB&J, carrot sticks, etc. in re-usable containers!


Trying to break the plastic baggie habit and have been searching for small-ish containers for lunches. These bags look like they'll fit the bill nicely. Also, finally stopped buying "baby" carrots and am taking the couple of extra minutes to wash/cut the real thing! : )


When my daughter takes her lunch I try to keep lean cuts of meat for sandwiches. She usually will take some type of veggie instead of chips and will have a piece of fruit for dessert. Usually she will also keep wheat thins for her snack.


I grew up with little rubbermade containers for everything in my lunch, all packed in a denim lunch bag. If things needed to go in a plastic bag (more for picnics or camping) then often went in an old bread bag, that was on the way to the garbage anyways.

Tricia Z

Fruit is a must!!! We also like fresh homemade bread! Thanks!


These look awesome! I'm getting my kids ready to start school and have been searching for the best way to pack their lunches.


I give my daughter her own cloth napkin. It makes her feel grown up and she can use it as a placemant too!

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