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September 10, 2009


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since switching to homemade cleaning products, i think my house hasn't been cleaner! because I don't mind cleaning. we love dr. bronner


Great recipes, thank you for your advices !

Caroline Motte
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Condo Blues

My newest Do It Yourself Honey project is to replace our way too small for the bathroom ceiling fan with a larger one to keep the ick at bay.


I wanted to post another tip for killing mold, tea tree oil! Kill even toxic mold. Don't remember the amount so would need to google it but we are currently living with my in-laws while my hubby finishes school so we don't have to rent and I help take care of my disabled MIL and we are helping them fix the house up a bit and they had a mold issue. This is a common problem in Oklahoma and this house was built poorly. We got rid of the mold with tea tree oil and lots of cleaning.


Yes, tea tree oil works great on mold! You can use it in the shower spray that I mention in the post.

Sheila V. Flores

Fantastic recipes, thank you for this great post!




my mother always makes her cleaning spray with citric acid. You can get it in the canning section or I think she got hers from a natural foods co op. Just use it instead of the vinegar and then you can spray it on the shower walls after each bath and it keeps the soap scum from building up. Works great in the kitchen too.


Great tip about the citric acid. I've used it for bath products (fizzy bath balls) but never in a cleaning product!

Heather Prenger

Great post! I haven't yet tried an all a homemade cleaning product on mold. I have just been nervous that it wouldn't do the trick but I need to get over that and just try out some recipes. Yours will be first on my list! Do you have a good recipe for drain cleaner? I have tried the vinigar and baking soda thing numerous times but it has never worked.

Tile Cleaning

The information provided is immensely useful. Tile cleaning require good knowledge and thorough professionalism. Certain treatments like spraying mold with straight vinegar to kill spores are immensely useful. Thanks for providing an article which possess, magnificent information in such a coherent manner.

Account Deleted

I need to deep clean my tile floors and was hoping anyone had any suggestions on something that isn't too harsh but will clean it very well.


Joey "Mold And Mildew Removal" Carlson

Nice post, This is very helpful, A Nice way of preventing and removing molds in your bathroom.

mold inspections five boros

Vinegar is a lovely home remedy and it works like magic when sprayed on the necessary area.Thanks for the helpful tips here...really helps the cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaners Brisbane

My mother uses vinegar while cleaning It give a great results thanks now i use your tips of easy cleaning. Thanks for your blog...

Phoebe Clarke

Aside from the usual vinegar, there are other homemade products that can be used to remove molds and mildew in tiles like tea tree oil, baking soda, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, and lemon juice. Each of these can be applied alone or in a combination with any other product in the bunch, through a sprayer or a sponge for wiping the molds away.


Very informative! Thank you so much for sharing it. I really, really appreciated it.

House Cleaning Red Bank

I mix a tbsp of dawn, a little baking soda, some vinegar and water to a spray bottle and that’s what I clean my bathroom with. If I have extra bad area I use extra dawn. I do love magic erasers tho. How do I part with them? I am careful to keep them locked away from my baby girl.

Cheri Harp

I found that my floor was getting a build up although i did not wax buy once or twice a year. i used rubbing alcohol with a straight edge razor and it came right up. Floor looks great. So used on windows and grim around stove on floor, it was so nice. Cheap cheap. i just use it on a dry cloth and wipe..

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