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September 14, 2009


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Yes! I remind myself that we're poor! Works every time :)

Great article! Your mantra has some very good reminders, especially the one about buying quality - I'm discovering more and more how important that is.

Condo Blues

I make a wish list. I keep it on my Blackberry and my computer. More often than not after many months, I realize that I didn't really want the item at all and remove it from my list.

Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish

This week, I ran out of money in my checking account because I was off from work for more days than I had accrued vacation. That was a wake-up call. So from now on, when I want something I don't need, I'm going to remember running out of money and remind myself that I don't know what's coming down the road and having some savings for lean times is important. If that doesn't work, I'll put Michael in charge of my money. He hates spending. :-)

Diane MacEachern

One of my tricks when I'm walking around one of those cute little shops is to pick things up, even put them in my basket...and then walk around and put them back! Somehow, I get enough vicarious pleasure out of the IDEA of buying something - I don't need to go through with the act! The other trick, of course, is to only pay with cash. Shelling out actual money for something, especially if it's frivolous, can jolt you back into the reality that's often lost if you buy on credit.

Eco Mama

I'm right there with ya!


One trick: use a basket, not a cart.
Another trick: make a list and a plan, and stick to it.
The last trick: realize you're human, and sometimes you'll buy on impulse. If your impulses are smart, it will still be a good buy.

Linda Anderson

I find that making a list does it for me. Sticking to it is the problem, but I remind myself that this item is made from earth's limited resources.

Thanks for hosting Green Moms Carnival this month.

Anna (Green Talk)

I love your mantra. I happen to love to buy used. The hunt is so much fun and the story behind it is even better. I love telling my friends where I found it and how much it cost.

I do believe in buying quality. I look for this even in used furniture. BTW, I bought some cute typewriter key recycled earrings at a craft show. I could not resist.


Anna - your typewriter key earrings are a great example - you couldn't resist - but what you purchased was recycled. Cool!

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

the stores that are a draw for me to impulse spend are stores that I stay out of now simply by getting larger quantities of the necessary items -- thus keeping me away from the temptation - when i run out of TP, that's when you'll find me fighting the "i want's" again - truth is I have walked out of the store often not wanting a thing - how gratifying is that!!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper

The New American Dream has a wallet buddy that you wrap around your credit card. It has questions on it that you ask yourself before making a purchase - similar to the things in your mantra. Asking those types of questions can usually put a stop to hasty purchases. Smart idea.

Green Bean

I completely agree on skipping the deals. I used to be a "bargain shopper" and ended up with so much junk!


I wish I had a secret. I do get guilty about buying stuff and I do try and think more before I buy. When I buy wants they have to be something I will use for a long time, is eco-friendly, etc.. Etsy.com is where I shop for wants for the most part. I feel better supporting real people than a big company and many of the products are eco-friendly.

Good Girl Gone Green

I would say the last year, I have really changed my spending habits. I use to buy just for the sack of buying. I now only buy things I need. If I see something I like, I reflect and say "do i need". Most of the time it is no. So i dont buy it. Oh well, I would rather go on vacation somewhere then buy useless items that are really just things. I want to remember experiences and not the cool gadget I dont even use anymore. :)

Andrea - The Greenbacks Gal

I definitely can fall into the I want what I want when I want it trap. This is a great reminder at this time of year.


Glad to hear it GGGG - isn't it interesting how making small changes can become habit? I'm with you on saving money for vacations!!



Hi Andrea - one of the tricks I use when I'm shopping is to pretend I'm in a museum - just looking and enjoying - but not buying. It works - sometimes! :)


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