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October 23, 2009


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Our farmer's market has plastic produce bags at nearly every stall, along with plastic grocery bags for people to take home larger quantities. I get around the issue by coming with my kids--which means a double stoller with a big basket underneath. And a backpack. And another messenger bag attached to the stroller's handlebar.

I save the mesh bags from potatoes and onions I buy at the regular grocery store off-season, and the smaller mesh bags from lemons and limes. I also save the rigid-sized #1 (PET) plastic containers from the blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and "Locally Known" salad mixes I buy at Trader Joe's (at the fringes of the season or when I didn't buy enough at the market that week). The larger mesh bags are great for filling with potatoes, onions, summer squash, apples, etc. before putting them under the stroller. The smaller mesh bags are pretty much just for hot peppers. The PET containers work for berries, peaches, plums, string beans, and tomatoes, which would otherwise get squished on the way home. Most other stuff can go directly under the stroller or into one of the carry bags - carrots, eggplant, winter squash, corn. I just keep forgetting to bring something for herbs, so many weeks I end up getting one plastic produce bag and stuffing as many different herb bunches as possible into it!

Yes, this all still uses plastic, but I reuse my containers until the they fall apart, and sometimes I even hand a few over to someone who remarks on what a great idea it is.

Condo Blues

I'm aware of the Pepsi and Envirosax issue. I'm not sure how different their partnership or bag is really any different than the rePET Chico bags. Those Chico bags are made from recycled plastic bottles too. I don't think anyone calls those greenwashing. It would be best not to have the plastic bottles in the first place but since we do, if this is what it takes for someone who wouldn't normally recycle a plastic bottle, or better yet, find a way not to use a plastic bottle or use a reusable shopping bag when they normally wouldn't then it's a step better than chucking everything into the landfill.


My concern with the Pepsi promotion is that it makes Pepsi look sexy and environmentally friendly when in fact their product is unhealthy and encourages single-use plastic bottles. On the other hand, consumers vote with their dollars every day and they are obviously voting for Pepsi...and those plastic bottles might as well have a use. It's a tough call...


Wow Shanna - sounds like you've got it down!!

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