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November 03, 2009


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Nice blog. thanks for sharing knowledge and its really feeling well visiting this blog


Please enter me in your draw. I am always looking for eco-friendly options for my two littles. Thank you!


To avoid plastics, we use mostly glass or ceramic - not ideal for a toddler who is into throwing things from the dinner table! I would love to try these out. Thank you for the generous giveaway!


I have a two year old great nephew that would think these are cool and I would know they are better than plastic and don't break!


I would love to try these because I too am trying to limit plastic storage, but glass is not best for little ones! Thanks for the opportunity!


I would love the Think Baby feeding set. I've spent the past year trying to switch to safer cleaning, personal care and baby products. There's so much to worry about. I've been reusing glass baby food jars for my 8 month old, but something non-glass and less limited would be fantastic.


I would love to win this set.It would be wonderful to have something safe and sturdier then the ceramic I am using now. It looks cooler too!


ooo, I would LOVE to win this. We've been looking for some stainless steel container options for our little one. Plus, that cup looks like the perfect starter cup to make the switch from the trusty 'ole sippy.


This looks awesome!! We would love to have one of these around our house. We are always on the lookout for good containers, this looks like a good one!


I always wanted to use their bottles, but my son is getting too old for that now, we use mostly plastic dishes for my toddler since I don't want him breaking others, these are a great alternative!


I'm always looking for safe containers to pack my lunch in. Those look great. I know I'd use them for my kids and for myself all the time.


I have a 10 month old and just figuring out how to travel with her food without mess, especially the home made stuff! I love the idea of the product: the design, the fun orange color, but mostly the relief of 'this is a safe place for my babys food' - especially with the newest consumer report about hidden BPAs! I would love to try it.


It's really funny, we just saw Think Baby at a store near us and my husband fell in love with it-we are always on the go with Ethan and it would come in handy, plus we love that the pieces are stainless steel and not plastic!!!


What a wonderful product! I would love to try Think Baby because it's stainless steel, for one, and because I have two toddlers and a new baby on the way and this is one product that looks like it could hold up to the "lovin'" that we could give.


First of all this looks like an awesome product in general... I would love to own this set as I am constantly trying to find things new and better for my child. I think these would be the perfect solution to a lot of different needs in our household, for the little one! :) Thank you for your consideration!

Kate Cooper

Why would I like to try this product? It looks perfect for us! Our baby just started eating, and we have no small dishware for her yet!


My son Haydin would love to try this set as so far we have tried many and they all fall short in one way or another. The main thing that catches my attention with this is, just like you said, it transitions to remain useful. Definitely a great eco-purposed set!


With my job disturbances from environmental hormones are a real consideration so I minimize them in my own life especially after having my baby. It's great to see yet another option (and a trendy cute one at that).


I'd love to try these dishes since I've heard so many good things about them. Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway!


These are the perfect size for my little boy who just started to eat solids. I won I win!


It's stylish. What other reason do you need?


This would be awesome for my two little ones, perfect for our crazy lives.

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Cool, How can I join? this would be fun and I think their products are reliable and very dependable so I heard.


I have been using glass bowls for my baby but she is quickly learning how to grab/move the bowl so I'd love something non-breakable. Great products!


I'm always looking for plastic-free options for toddler feeding. And these are cute!

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