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December 07, 2009


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Fun Mama - Deanna

I love nativity sets from Ten Thousand Villages. I've bought several things from them over the years. I've been wanting a market basket for a while.


These look great.


I like the Organic Flop the Frog at Fair indigo for my son!

Ashley Elaine

I love the huaryruro earrings from the andean colloection.

Elizabeth Turner

I love the Andean Collection bright colors, including the red circle cascade necklace!


Well, I love the Blue Vine Tablecloth from India, at 10,000 Villages, and also the Nepalese singing bowls.

I adore the coconut branch bracelet from The Andean Collection.


We have to CHOOSE??? There are just too many! I love everything that each company offers: Equal Exchange's coffee, those sweet twin dolls, the bamboo nesting baskets, the whole Andean collection, etc. Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway!


What wonderful artisans from all over the world! I am so happy to see more and more Fair Trade Sites.
Wedgeworldwide: I like the Waterproof Hemp Backpack and
Recycled Cotton Rugs.
Fair Indigo: Peace Trees Tote Thistle PJ Set from the
Organic Section.
Equal Exchange: The Coffees, Organic Teas and the Organic
Tamari Roasted Almonds.
Ten Thousand Villages: Celebration Bamboo Bowls Set,
Many of the handcrafted Mugs and the Olive Wood Condiment
The Andean Collection: Huaryruro Seed Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet Set.
Many thanks for such a delight contest.....

Kate Thomas

A few of my favorite things --
cuddly teddy bear for friend's kids
juicer for healthy eating
raindrop choker for hubby
any jewelry for me!


i love poking around the ten thousand villages store and seeing all their beautiful products. rugs, dolls, pillows... and the chocolate from equal exchange - delish! thanks for spotlighting these conscientous companies.


Okay, I'm not a Momma, I'm just a Dada, so maybe you'll think it's weird that I'm looking at your site, but maybe not. My wife shares enlightening sites with me to help me in my effort to become a better Dada for our 1 year old Daughter, and to become a better human in general. Not easy for a guy, you know...

So...The Wedge has these cool recycled paper placemats I'd like, because our daughter loves pulling everything off the table so I'd like to at least teach her about recycling while she does that!

That Equal Exchange cocoa sampler would be good because my wife's trying to get me to eat more DARK chocolate instead of processed milk chocolate - guess she wants me around for a while.

Can I keep the Fair Indigo bear for myself? :)

The twin dolls from Ten Thousand Villages are fantastic! Our friends little girl Catarina has one and our daughter has been coveting it. I'd be a hero if I came home with one of those!

Speaking of hero, can you imagine my wife's smile if I won the Andean Collection acai bracelet for her? Whoa!

Anyway, thanks for your site and for helping even us clueless Dads become more mindful.


These are some of the most creative ideas I have seen. I can not wait to let my children in on them. Thanks.


So much to love! I really like the coconut ladder bracelet from the Andean collection and just about everything from Ten Thousand Villages--especially the Hammered Embossed Copper Tray and the Congolese Nativity Figures. Thanks!


Fair Indigo has these great stuffed animals called Joobles. All different colors and styles. Love them.


I'm a long-time fan of Ten Thousand Villages, and a total coffee lover. Those rainbow ponchos are to die for!


I agree with earlier posters -- there's so much that's great! I loved the ponchos, too -- my 3-year-old girl would love one (because I don't knit quickly enough to whip one out for her). Since I'm a gardener, I loved Wedge's triple bell garden stakes. I hope to put in more flower beds and these would be neat in there. And ooh, they have rain barrels, too! Andean Collection's huaryruro necklace was something I've been looking for with its deep red and multiple strands. Chocolate, did someone mention chocolate? What's not to like there? My husband is even more of a chocoholic than I am; maybe I could get him switched to dark...


Wow, so many great products on these sites! First, I LOVE the Classic Acai Necklace from the Andean Collection. I spent time in Peru back in March and this collection definitely evokes memories of that! From Equal Exchange, all of their dark bars sound delicious, especially Organic Mint Chocolate with a Delicate Crunch. From Fair Indigo, the Recycled Snowflake Throw & Pillow are beautiful!!

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Emma N.

I have visited the Ten Thousand Villages store in Winter Park, Florida, and I love it!! After peeking around on the site a bit, I can't even choose an item that I like better than the rest. There are so many amazing products there. But, I do love the baskets, particularly the Coiled Rafia basket from Uganda. I would also love some pretty table linens from somewhere far away. :)

the Andean collection has some gorgeous jewelry!! I love the tagua necklaces.


so many wonderful finds and ten thousand villages---especially love the brass arabesque mirror in the tapestry collection
zmama09 at yahoo dot com


Love the acai earrings, the circle cascade necklace, and the pambil earrings.


That Acai jewelry is gorgeous, and perfect for my beautiful sister in law. And the little bear ... excellent for my new nephew... and oh, the nativity set, since my grandfather's homemade creche has lost population due to overexcited kids....


I like the acai wrap bracelet from the Andean Collection - how cool and what a story when people comment on it!


I've always wanted to try drinking chocolate, so the organic drinking chococlate from Equal Exchange seems perfect.


These are all really special things. I hadn't visited the Ten Thousand Villages site before so that was fun. I am partial to the Fair Trade food products because I volunteered to help bring Fair Trade rice to the US with Alter Eco. Living with farmers in northern Thailand I have seen firsthand how the Fair Trade model allows farmers to earn a living wage and send their kids to school. I know Equal Exchange does great work and it is the same for the cocoa farmers they support. Plus who doesn't love spicy chocolate in the winter? I also like the Andean Collection jewelry because it is vital to support womens' economic empowerment. What a cool acai bracelet.


Ten thousand villages: stuffed stacking turtles
Equal Exchange: dried sweetened cranberries and roasted salted almonds
Fair Indigo: Firewood USA Toy Wood Airplane
Andean: Pambil Canopy necklace-olive green
Wedge Worldwide: Haba Funland Farm

But really everything is wonderful

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