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December 03, 2009


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Love these tips! I raided my moms basement. ;)

Condo Blues

Favorite story: I got the nicest handpainted Christmas decoration from an then 8 year old nephew. I put it out the following year (and every year since.) He saw it and asked in mock boast, "Where did you get this? It's so NICE!" I just smiled and said, "A little Christmas angel gave it to me" as I walked out of the room to get something. I hear him run to his mom in excited tones say, "Mom she called me an ANGEL!"


Great story - thanks for sharing!


Lovely ideas! I have a set of handblown glass ornaments given for my family's first Christmas with the kids. They are certainly more beautiful than the cheap plastic ones, and with care will be handed down to my kids in years to come.


Hi! We loved your post over at KiwiLog and decided to feature it as part of our weekly parenting blog round-up. Thanks!

Linda Anderson

Another great source of treasured Christmas tree ornaments are the ones the kids make for you. I always write the year in indelible ink (where it doesn't show). As you pull them out of the storage box each year, you remember them fondly.

Jennifer Taggart

I love the vintage or homemade ornaments as well. They seem to have much more meaning. We buy Xmas ornaments as souvenirs when we travel and then when we put them on the tree, we relive our travel. We try to buy souvenir ornaments that are handmade by the locals - although I'm sure that some of them are just made for tourists but at least they are made locally. I have, for example, a small cloth doll figure from Fiji made by the local tribe - we use it as an ornament and relive our trip (before children, LOL!)

Beth Terry

I remember the excitement of getting out the box of ornaments from the basement and putting up the same ones year after year. The familiarity was really nice. And the tree decorated with all the miss-matched ornaments was so much more meaningful than trees that are decorated in all one color or following some kind of theme, imho.

Diane MacEachern

We get ornaments when we travel. It's an inexpensive way to pick up souvenirs of our trips, and it's fun to re-live all those experiences when we decorate our tree each December. Some of my favorites include a miniature calendar written in Japanese we came across in Tokyo; a whittled giraffe from Kenya; and a tiny urn from Greece. Happy holidays!


Almost all of our ornaments are Hallmark ones that I have had forever (my family has been buying them since before I was born so I had a large number before getting married) and we only really buy Hallmark ones, yes they are made in China and not "eco" BUT they last forever and are high quality and reusable of course.

My grandma also said I can look through all of her's and take some of those, which is green and very cool since some will be hard to find ones.

We did buy some handmade ornaments from Etsy this year and I LOVE them and no one will have any like these and that's always cool.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan

i purchased something thematic each year for each child, santa for my son and angels for my daughter. now that they are older they have an entire collection to start off their own holiday traditions - since some of these ornaments are gosh 23 yrs old, that almost makes them vintage!!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper

When I was growing up, my grandma picked out an ornament for each of us every Christmas. I loved receiving the ornament more than the real present, and when I became an adult, I was really sad to stop receiving that annual ornament. I'm happy to say that my mom picked up the tradition with her own grandkids (including my three). Our tree is a crazy hodgepodge of ornaments every year, but there are oh so many memories.


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