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December 17, 2009


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Tara @ Go Green St.

Holiday time can be very stressful. When the stress kicks in, I always take a few deep breaths and relax with Yoga.


I think this is the first Christmas that I have been absolutely one hundred percent...broke. While it sucks in many, many ways- it has served to simplify our season. I wrote Christmas letters to family, and called it enough. I made calendars of my kid for the grandparents, and called it enough. I got out all the old decorations and decorated (the top half) of the tree (I have an inquisitive one-year old)and didn't buy anything new. And it is enough. I'm sure I'll get down to some cookie baking later on, but right now I'm kind of enjoying the relative calm I'm feeling just saying, "Merry Christmas" to people and realizing that I don't have to provide a gift for EVERYONE. I can't, so I try not feel guilty. But more than that, I'm just focused on Christmas cheer and happiness. Patience, enjoyment- and the TRUE feeling of the season perfectly exemplified by my one year old son: wonder. Absolute wonder for what's going on around us. It's been nice.


Erin - I love what you said about enjoying the wonder of the season and of your 1-year old son. We should all take time to reflect on the wonder instead of running around checking things off our list.

Tara - love your idea of doing yoga to reduce stress! (now if I could just find the time for it....) Ahhh well, I'm trying. :)

Stacey | :simple:balance:

Thank you for your candor and great reminder. I, too, have found myself overwhelmed and tired in years past, and so am giving myself a simple Christmas this year. I did the handmade gifts, am still baking, and probably have some late nights ahead of me for wrapping. But like you said, it is because I want to. The change in perspective works wonders! (I also love the suggestion for yoga - I'll add that to my list!). Happy holidays!

condo blues

I hear you. This year almost everyone on my gift list is getting at least one small made by me gift. It started innocently when a few ladies liked a purse I made for myself and asked for one as a gift, which I made ahead of time with fabric from my stash (a win win!) Then a nephew wanted to do homemade gifts because he was making some through school/club (I'm so excited because that side of the family doesn't do crafts.) I found sports team fabric and made sleep pants for the boys. The fabric scraps were made into braided chew toys for the dogs. As I came up with good gift ideas I made them, which hasn't left much time for baking (I love baking!) or other Christmas things (our gingerbread house came from a kit too.) But making items did fulfill my desire for a major project since my husband vetoed redoing the kitchen until after the holidays. And the nice thing was that since I made a lot of gifts, we but that extra money to good use by buying a few more toys to donate than we normally do for needy kids this year.


Wow - I'm impressed Lisa - you made a lot!! Love the idea of using fleece scraps for dog toys!

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