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December 31, 2009


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Truly ambitious and inspirational post! Congrats on the book--now you can focus on other things like-- yoga! Do you know about yogatoday.com? A wonderful site with free yoga classes weekly (one hour long!). They are amazing.

Good luck!



Congratulations on your book Practically Green. Thank you so much for keeping us informed on ways we can conserve energy and our precious resources. Your ideas about recycling and creating something new out of re-purposed materials.There are millions of ways we can conserve and become more Eco-friendly. Thanks again for sharing some of these in your book as well as your blog.


Katy - thanks for the tip about yogatoday.com. I'll check it out!

Lynn from Organicmania.com

What a laundry list, Micaela! (Katy was right). I am with you on the alternative medicine...was thinking the same thing and can't wait to get your read on things...

Happy New Year!

Amber Strocel

I so appreciate your mindful and non-judgmental approach. It's why I loved your book, and it's why I love this post.

And speaking of this post, I think I'm going to cancel some of my catalogues. We get two LL Bean catalogues, and neither of us read them. Thanks for the inspiration!

Mette - økologisk børnetøj

Hi Micaela,

I love your blog. Always a lot of inspiration to get here. Move yoga to the top of the list to get energy for the rest :-)

// Mette

Lena Pivec

Hi Micaela, I am a part of Ecoparents with you. Just wanted to make a suggestions on your house dilemma. If you live in or around LH and love it, which I am sure you do, I would suggest doing the remodeling. It is so hard to find a different house with more space that you wouldn't have to do some remodeling to anyway. My husband does remodeling, he does it all, so he can sometimes offer a better price. Let me know if you would like his number and I can forward to you.
I enjoyed your book signing event, and your book, thanks for sharing your knowledge and aspirations with all of us.--Lena


Hi Lena! Thanks for writing! I don't live in LH but I totally agree w/you that it would be hard to find a better house in an equally good neighborhood. We're still pretty far away from starting anything but if we need some help I'll be sure to check in with you!

Diane MacEachern

The thing I'm going to try to give up this year is my home-delivered New York Times. I love the news, but hate the paper waste. Maybe I'll start going to the library to read it - it's just not the same online.

Happy New Year!


Jeanne @ EcoLabel Fundraising

Hi Lena,

It is so hard to keep up professionally at home, so I agree---sometimes our professional focus should carry over more into our home, but I also agree it isn't something we should stress about! Love this post and think it ties in well with Diane's over at Big Green Purse on doing less but more quality.

Thanks for sharing!




Good luck with your goals for the year! I love fresh bread so maybe this will be one of mine too and I need a home energy audit but I'm sorta scared!

Condo Blues

Since you've already had a energy audit with I guess an blower door test, etc. You can do your follow up own Energy Audit using the calculator on the Energystar.gov website for free. I used it and it was very helpful at determining how much energy we used and when.

Can I second more ecocrafts? Just for my own selfish eco-crafting purposes?


Sommer - I'm glad I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about getting the results of an energy audit. :)

Amalia Oropeza

Car suggestion, a VW TDI, or any diesel vehicle that you can run biodiesel in. If you would like biodiesel information, please let me know...Better for the environment, less emissions, no war required, made from recycled vegetable oil (like from restaraunts), so many wonderful things about it! Totally a green thing :)



Re the car: biodiesel is more eco-friendly but if you're looking at conventional cars, look into the Mazda5 (because that's what I have and I love it, ha). I get 30 to 31.n mpg on the highway on trips. In-town driving is 26-28 mpg. Unlike a minivan, it won't hold more than four people if you have to carry lots of stuff but if you need to carry people, mainly, it'll carry six if you put the short ones in the way back. It doesn't like the cold, though; my in-town mileage has dropped during all this below-20F weather.

Burnham Boilers

You could also do things like upgrading water boilers and installing air conditioners that save energy. Those changes get done once and last for a very long time. You could stop junk mail, but eventually it will all start coming back again.

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