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January 06, 2010


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Nancy DeHart

My fave container are Canadian Greentainers, owned by two moms. The large one has an inner tray so you can put two levels of food (ie sandwich on the bottom and cut up fruit or salad on top), plus they make a small one great for toting grapes or bagels for wee ones, and a tiny 2-pk perfect for raisins or goldfish etc. We use them in our family and sell them in our online eco boutique. They are ethically-manufactured and a high-quality grade of stainless steel, made in India. You can see them here:



Nancy DeHart
Kai Kids: Eco gear for families

Condo Blues

I have an Earthlust bottle and I love it. It convinced me that stainless steel water bottles are the way to go.


Do you ever run into trouble with mold growing in the straw? I have a Foogo that she uses at night for her water and we've got mold issues. I need to get a straw replacement before we can use it again. I don't understand but we have this problem with all the straw cups, even the playtex (?) ones that we've had. Just thought I'd ask another owner of one.

Lori Alper

Each of my three boys have a Foogo thermos they use for their lunch at school. We send in soup, pasta, fruit and other leftovers. The container itself is small enough to fit into their lunch box and the mouth is wide enough for a spoon or fork. Having the Foogo thermos opened up a whole new world of ideas for what had become a boring lunch box.

We all have stainless steel Kleen Kanteens for water. I love the bottle but the sports cap makes a loud squeaky noise when I take a drink.

Thanks for the info on New Wave Enviro, Lunchbots, Earthlust and Canadian Greentainers. I will check them out.

Alicia [The Soft Landing]

Well, I'm sure you know how I feel about stainless everything - just can't get enough of their durability and reusability!

You're so right in describing "ratty plastic" containers. The few I have left are strewn all over my cabinet and look like they've been through a war. But honestly, there are times when plastic containers do fit the bill a better, so I keep them for that purpose.

Then there are my stainless containers. They're so darn good looking and you just can't hurt them! They are by far the best investment I've made - they're dishwasher safe, freezer safe and are obviously made to last a lifetime. It's truly a money saving effort in the long haul.

And the way things are going, it won't be long before a new line of stainless containers with leak-proof snap down lids are available and will virtually replace those ratty plastic ones . . .

Baby Registry

For me, those kind of food storage are handy and clean. It makes bringing food easy.

Boracay Island Hotel

I didn't have anything to store food in my whole life because when I buy food I always cook it immediately.


I actually bought my first stainless coffee mug (used mostly for tea now!) from Life is Good. I bought it 6 years ago and it's still going strong. The plastic bottom fell off after I dropped it but otherwise it's great. Unfortunately, they don't sell the one I have anymore, but I'm going to hold onto it. It seems to keep the hot things hot longer than any other mug I've used. I have other stainless storage containers that I love too! Great article!

Administration Jobs

They are what I'd consider a life saving tool. Though its small it has lots of uses.

SEO Los Angeles

I have a rice holder that looks similar to the stainless food storage.


I have a canteen and it has been with me for quite sometime now.

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