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February 22, 2010


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I would love to try the Baby Barrier Balm! I know a baby with a very sensitive bottom! :-)


Oh wow! I would love to try the nourishing hand cream or intensive body cream. My skin is always SO dry and flaky - to the point that my knuckles crack and bleed in the winter!


I think the Probiotic Skin Brightener is for me. I love your explanation of why this particular line costs more. I've always been wary of expensive skin care, but your explanation makes a lot of sense. Thanks for blogging about great products!


I'm definitely interested in the Garnet Exfoliant because I haven't found one that really works for my skin. I hope I win so I can try the exfoliant! =)


I would love to try the Purifying Blemish Gel. My skin has been so horrible since having my daughter and nothing seems to help:(


How exciting! I recently looked at this line of products, but am currently trying Kiss My Face due to cost. I would definitely get something from the purifying line to try to banish the blemishes I have been battling since having kids.


ooh, I would love to try their baby products for my son and for upcoming baby #2! Particularly the baby lotion. For me, I'd try the Breast and Belly Balm. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


I would love to have good stuff for my kids. Especially, the sun lotion, lip balm, and body wash. If I could pick only one, I'd probably go for the sun lotion since we need that nearly year-round where we live (sunny Southern California).


I would love to win something for my little boy. The baby bottom mist sounds nice and soothing!


I would love the breast and belly balm or the mother baby range pack.


What delightful organic body products. I like to use
organic cosmetics. The Lip Creme in Nutmeg and the
Mineral Blush Powder in Ginger Blossom are lovely!
I follow their site on Facebook and Twitter.
Many thanks, Cindi

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

I'd go with the mineral makeup or the baby balm. Thanks!


A commenter over at the Huffington Post Green page left a link to this site. Now that I found it, I have to ask about the moisturizer: if the miessence moisturizer isn't quite rich enough, can anybody suggest a better organic moisturizer? I'm pregnant for the first time and my face has become terribly dry. I'm using an Aveda moisturizer currently, but not ten minutes after I put it on, my face is dry again.


What a lovely site Ely has! I would love to try any of the childrens products...especially the mint toothpaste!


Hi Julie - I tried to email you directly with a moisturizer suggestion but the email did not go through. Do you have a different email address that I could use?


How fun! I've heard a lot about this line and i've been dying to try it. The serum sounds wonderful--i could use it during the NY winter for sure. But i've heard great things about their deodorant too, and I've been wanting to try that. Too many choices!


I'd love: Purifying Cleanser (oily/problem skin)


This sounds fantastic. Thanks for the excellent background information. How does Dr. Hauschka rate in the scheme of things? Do you like the Lush product line? I would love to try the rejuvenating moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Sara b.

I'd like to try the Blemish Gel.


I'd love to try the firming eye and neck serum, thanks!

Mary Preston

I would love to try the Purifying Mineral Mask .


Hi! I'd love to try the Probiotic Skin Brightener :)


I'd love to try the essential oil kit, with all the little oils and a case for them.


Wonderful giveaway I love the wild oriental botanical perfume.Thanks fingers crossed.helen


I would love to try the deodorants, especially the Tahitian Breeze!
elenaamble at yahoo dot com

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