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March 25, 2010


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Years ago, I didn't care for Martha Stewart. I had enough on my mind and did not need a wealthy woman with a houseful of servants telling me how to beautify my home. Recently, on days I've been stuck home with the flu and too weak to do anything but flip on the TV when I couldn't sleep any longer, I've caught a few of her shows. Martha Stewart has changed. She seems ... humble. I no longer feel as if she is looking down and holding her nose while she advises me on the best way to fold my towels and prune my orchids (as if I had orchids).

I find her advice useful, although she flips through it all pretty fast these days. One thing I liked about the old Martha was how thorough she was with anything she did. I like thorough.

If you haven't seen Martha in a few years, you might want to give her another shot. You might be as surprised as I was.

As for her cleaning products, when they come in returnable glass bottles, I just may be interested in keeping a few on hand. For now, I'm learning from you how to make my own homemade cleaners. For that, I give a cheery bow in gratitude.

P.S. Your preview button didn't work for me.

Condo Blues

I first saw the Martha Stewart cleaning line at Giant Eagle. I haven't tried it though. Bummer about the carpet cleaner. It would save me a trip acrossed the city to buy Seventh Generation's.


They also have them at our Publix. I'm glad to know that they are a greener alternative, although I am still a huge fan of Seventh Generation it is always good to have a backup in mind. :)


I still prefer to make my own cleaning products. HOWEVER, I am very happy to see more and more green cleaning alternatives available on the market, especially affordable ones.

Rachel @ the Cozy Green Cocoon

Disappointed that the carpet cleaner wasn't a thumbs up-I think that there are some cleaning products that are hard to find that are eco-friendly that actually work or that don't cost a fortune. Although I love my vinegar and peroxide, I think most people are still comfortable with buying a product instead of trying out cleaning recipes. I would have to include myself in that for some things. I like to think that everytime a new green product comes out that its at least one more step in the right direction.Yay!!!!

renaissance costume

Great post you have here.. Those cleaning materials are kinda scary because many of them really burns our skin. It's better to use some natural cleaners.. Affordable and most especially, safer..


I don't have any comment on the Martha products (though I've been wondering about them and was glad to see your review), but I've never quite understood the rule about only using products with ingredients you can pronounce. In cleaning products and otherwise. There are plenty of safe ingredients out there that have names that are hard to pronounce, plant-based ingredients in particular. Likewise something could be easy to say and very nasty. It's a nice idea that you could use that as a rule of thumb, but unfortunately I just don't think it is that simple.

carpet cleaning services Los Angeles

It is good to hear that the growth of eco-friendly carpet cleaning materials are expanding more. Usually, we use vacuum cleaners and some chemicals to maintain the life of our carpets. Sometimes, even we use those cleaning materials, they're not enough to clean our carpet well. That's why some of us avail carpet cleaning services. Fortunately, today, there are many carpet cleaning services who use eco-friendly cleaning materials to clean rugs.


Home depot must be dropping the line just picked up a ton of products for .96 each, Plastic bottles cost more at home depot. For .96 soap I am sure I will enjoy!!


Yes, I heard that Home Depot had discontinued the Martha Stewart cleaning line. Sounds like you snapped up some great bargains Marion!

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