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April 12, 2010


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Food Revolution is an excellent show. It's not on cable - if you get broadcast channels at all, it's on ABC on Friday nights. You can also watch it on abc.com. Totally worth the time.


Kris - I'm so glad you told me that Food Revolution is on ABC. I just always assume that all the good shows are on cable. I'll try to catch it sometime!


I don't have cable either but I've watched all episodes of Jamie's show thanks to hulu.com! Check it out. =)

Marysa Sheren - Fresh Living

Thanks so much for posting this. I have read about the positive effects that involving kids in the process of cooking can have, and introducing children to the joy of gardening seems all the more wonderful. What better way to not only build their food literacy, but also to cultivate in them an appreciation for the earth and gratitude for the hard work that goes into the making of a meal?

Healthy Foods Blog

I think they are right. Food illiteracy in the United States nowadays is the main reason why obesity stats here is increasing. But still, I'm impress with you because you're a responsible parent. You're helping your children be active on things that are keeping them healthy. Every parents should look at you as a great example.


Lynn Anne Miller


Thanks for this great post! I had not heard the term food illiteracy before, but I definitely recognized it and knew what you meant!

And yes, Food Revolution is AWESOME! There is also quite a tweetfest going on during the airings at #foodrevolution - so check it out!


I have several episodes of Food Revolution saved on my DVR. One of these days I will find the time to watch it. I'm a big fan of Mr. Oliver. I Love his cookbooks--so many easy, fresh, delicious recipes (perfect for a busy mom)...

My kiddos love helping out in the garden. It really is the only activity that will keep them busy for hours. I must admit that we keep a small patch for a "pretend" garden. My boys can sprinkle and grow anything they want--most of the time it is just weeds, but they have fun nonetheless and it keeps them from picking my tomatoes too early:)

Love all of the information you share on your blog!


I love the idea of a pretend garden - especially for really small kids. A packet of wild-flower seeds would go a long way!

Affiliate Program

It's really a best thing to build relationship to your kids. As a parent, seeing you kids is a definitely an enjoying part in each parents' life. Thanks for sharing this

Amber Strocel

We have a garden, and my 5-year-old helps me in it. She has 'her' plot, and she takes a lot of ownership of it. Although she does still confuse tomatoes and potatoes - that's hard for some kids. It's ironic because we've grown both, and she doesn't like tomatoes but she likes potatoes, but they DO sound very similar.

My 20-month-old is not in the garden yet. He would like to be, but you only get to pull up so many seedlings before you have to stay inside with Dad. ;)


I just did a post on gardening a few days ago - my son is not even two, but even last summer he spent a lot of time toddling around our raised beds. The day he reached into the garden and began eating cherry tomatoes straight off the vine I was overjoyed. Today we picked asparagus, and sauteed it for an afternoon snack with some sliced cheese.

If kids help grow it and cook it, they will eat it!


Anna - you have asparagus already??? We have one tiny stalk peeking up. Can't wait for the rest!

Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green

I don't have kids but as a kid I helped with my mom's garden.

I can't believe how little kids know about food now. :(


Food illiteracy is a huge problem and getting kids in the garden is a great way to combat it. In addition, it's helpful to get kids cooking. When children help out in the kitchen, they learn not only the names of fruits and vegetables, but also how to prepare them in healthful ways, information they can use throughout their lives. I work for Healthy Mondays. Our new The Kids Cook Monday program encourages parents to try healthful recipes that allow kids to be involved. We're also asking bloggers to post videos, recipes, or kid-friendly kitchen ideas every Monday so their readers can start their week off right. Even one post helps.


If you’re interested in participating, please email me at jenbrite (at) gmail (dot) com.


We started a garden in our backyard this year. My 5yr old and 3 yr old get so excited when something is ready for picking. the will definitely taste veggies they do not normally eat when we are picking in the garden - parsley, string beans, dill, cilantro, tomoatoes. Our garden is small but great for teaching and tasting!

Jane The Organic Gardener

I am a big beleiver of getting the kids involved in the garden and getting them excited about food, I actually did a post about it on my blog a few days ago.

I was shocked when i watched the food revolution and some of the children did not have any idea what most of the vegetables were!

Luckily we have people like you getting the word out, now we just need people to listen!

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i have a5 year old kid. he got really excited when i took him into the garden. usually he gets overjoyed while watering the plants. he is very keen on tasting raw tomatoes.

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