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April 19, 2010


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I just signed up to follow you on Twitter and for your RSS feed. I'm interested in learning more!! Please sign me up for the giveaways! Can't wait! Tracy

sarah w

I think in my efforts to rid myself of parabens I'll start out slowly - first with the products that sit on my skin the longest - such as lotion, since it's designed to go into the skin. Thanks for the insight.


I'm linking my homemade tooth soap!


I have known about parabens for a while now, so we do not have anything that I am aware of that have parabens in our house. I diligently read labels at the store before I purchase anything to make sure that they do not contain any questionable ingredients (that I know of, at least!), especially parabens!

Condo Bleus

I'm linking how I reused old shampoo containing parabens instead of throwing it away.

Condo Blues

I'm a fan of your FaceBook pages

Condo Blues

I subscribe to your RSS feed.

sarah w

I commented on Katie's review - I think the bar one would be best - I like the idea of the hands' natural warmth helping it soften and do its job.

sarah w

I am a subscriber using RSS.


I use dissolved mineral deodorant spray to avoid aluminum...it's nice to know it's keeping me away from parabens, too!


My daughter and I both cannot use anything (soaps, lotions, etc) that has fragrance or parabens in them. We even have to go further with her, since she has Celiac and cannot use anything that has oat or gluten. She ends up getting eczema.

Not to hijack your comment thread, but I have a friend who makes her own line of natural products, if anyone is looking for something. She makes everything from soaps to shampoos to lip gloss.



I follow you on Twitter now and tweeted this giveaway


I am going to check my products at home for parabens...sneaky things!


I have been using Paraben free foundation for a while now and am always trying to switch to natural products.


I've had my head in the sand about parabens, but am now making my own lotions for the family, and finding paraben-free sunscreens & other products.


I can't believe the FDA allows this stuff into our products! Why don't breast cancer centers tell us stuff like this? My bf from high school (who is 33) was just diagnosed with breast cancer and has to have a double mastectomy. She doesn't even have a family history. With breast cancer as prevalent, you think we would be more proactive as a society in preventing it through the elimination of things like parabens.


I subscribe (newly)!


I just subscribed to your blog. Thanks so much for the information!!

Stephanie F.

I'm a subscriber with reader.

Stephanie F.

I'm going to make your lotion recipe as my first step to get rid of parabens.


I'm definitely reading labels more now that I am aware.


I subscribed to your RSS feed. Thanks!

Lenetta @ Nettacow

Sooo much to learn! I'll admit, I'm just taking some beginning baby steps as this hasn't been high on my watch list so far. But that doesn't mean we won't get there someday! Thank you for a very informative post!


I would say I am half way there. I don't use a lot of lotions, creams but need to move to paraben free ones for when I do. I rarely need to use deoderant & when I do I use a very natural one. I bought natural sunscreen last year & natural toothpaste just recently- so I am working on it! Thanks for the give-away opp too!


I'm just learning about all of this and am glad to see so much helpful information here and on other sites! I have been using homemade deodorant with coconut oil, cornstarch, and baking soda, and I'm going to try some paraben free lotions soon too :)

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